Russ College of Engineering Freshmen Named University Innovation Fellows

Photo by Ashley Stottlemyer

Photo by Ashley Stottlemyer

Engineering and technology management major Ben Scott and chemical engineering major Faith Voinovich were recently selected to serve as University Innovation Fellows for Ohio University. These students will help to build a true entrepreneurial ecosystem on campus. To find out more about these students and their program check out this article by Jeff Zidonis and Pete Shooner.

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Spotlight: Meet Ohio University Consulting Fellows

The Ohio Center or Entrepreneurship has student organizations that are a great way to learn and practice entrepreneurship. We want to highlight one of them in our spotlight series. Reach out to Consulting Fellows and ask questions. Taking part in this organization is a great way to get on the path to success.

Consulting Fellows:

Have you ever wanted to gain practical and applicable experience in consulting? Work with real world clients, outside of the classroom? Or feel that sense of fulfillment from completing and delivering a solution to a project? Ohio University Consulting Fellows (OUCF) is a student organization which helps develop students in their professional, interpersonal, and leadership skills through consulting. The fellows work on real consulting projects which vary on a wide range of topics and industries. In the past, OUCF has worked with companies operating in the food industry, the consumer goods industry, the non-profit industry, and the educational industry, amongst others.

Ohio University Consulting Fellows interacts with multiple clients and engages in multiple projects each semester. Each project is separated into teams, and the teams are assigned a client. The projects usually last close to one semester in length; however, are extended as necessary. The final deliverable is presented to the client, and, on most occasions, the client implements the recommendations delivered by the Ohio University Consulting Fellows.

Since there is no current consulting track within the College of Business the projects allow students to gain practical and applicable experience to prepare them for the consulting industry. This experience is directly translatable on a résumé to applicable years of experience. Many other schools do not offer this type of experience, with the exception of Ivy League and private institutions. There is no better place on campus to earn consulting experience and prepare you for a job in consulting. This experience blows away recruiters and employers. If you are even considering a job in consulting, this is an organization you should consider joining.

Currently the Ohio University Consulting Fellows are hiring and accepting applications. In order to apply please send a résumé and cover letter to