Certificate in Entrepreneurship: An opportunity you can’t afford to pass up.

Have you ever heard about the Certificate in Entrepreneurship? If not you may be missing out on a really great opportunity. Advising for spring is coming up soon, so to highlight this great Certificate we will be posting a Spotlight article every week about the wonderful people and activities associated with entrepreneurship. Check out more details about the Certificate here.

But why should you be concerned about entrepreneurship? You might be a communication studies major, media arts and studies, or global studies major; so what is your concern with entrepreneurship? Well, the point of this certificate is to give you the skills to be able to navigate a business environment, and no matter your major or career goals you will work in, with, or around businesses.

Being able to navigate a business, or own your own business, or freelance with confidence is an invaluable skill set. The Certificate in Entrepreneurship is a perfect way to learn these skills. Even if your goal is to volunteer with orphans in the far reaches of a desert half way around the world or capture the beauty of the human element through photography, understanding entrepreneurship will help you be more successful. From earning money, to raising money, to investing money, having a background that includes entrepreneurship will empower you to be more independent and business savvy. Freelancing your services, owning your own business is becoming more and more prevalent, and the knowledge learned through this program teaches the essential skills necessary for success.

Sound interesting? Check us out. I promise you won’t regret it. Follow the blog to get updates about our Spotlight series that will highlight students, faculty, classes, and student organizations affiliated with the Center for Entrepreneurship, and articles about other events and news. Also follow us on twitter (@OU_CE) and Facebook (Ohio University Center for Entrepreneurship) to keep up on the news!