Research Seminars

The Center for Entrepreneurship is hosting “brown bag” developmental research seminars for colleagues in the College of Business and Voinovich School. The aim of the seminars is to provide a constructive environment for the development of research projects and publications.

2014-2015 Seminars:

FRIDAY  |  FEBRUARY 13th  |  1:30-2:45pm  |  COPELAND 320

Rachida Aïssaoui & Mike Geringer rank the research productivity of academic institutions and faculty members in the domain of International Business, using data from articles appearing in fourteen top management journals between 1970 and 2010.

Ike Uzuegbunam & Mike Geringer will present their research on “Disruptive Innovations, Institutions, and Industrial Change: A Study of Agricultural Biotechnology Adoption”.

FRIDAY  |  March 13th  |  1:30-2:45pm  |  COPELAND 320

Tia McDonald, Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Economics will present a model of conflict in family business.

Luke Pittaway, Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship will present a methodological overview and research framework for conducting a Systematic Literature Review.

FRIDAY  |  APRIL 17th  |  1:30-2:45pm  |  COPELAND 320

Daniel Kehl, Visiting Faculty from University of Pécs in Hungary will give an introductory lesson on using Bayesian methods to test theoretical hypotheses. These methods are becoming more mainstream and more important in organizational research, especially since nearly all antecedent and consequent variables in social systems are power law distributed, and since Bayesian techniques permit specifying these distributions a priori (Krusche, Aguinis, & June, 2012; Crawford et al., 2015).

Christopher Crawford will present his paper accepted to the Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference: The Emergence of Outliers in Entrepreneurship: A Self-Organized Criticality Framework. While this work received a grant from The Kauffman Foundation and is up for two Best Paper awards, Chris would appreciate your feedback on translating this complexity science-based research to pedagogy and practice.

All faculty interested in developing research are welcome – this is not exclusively focused on entrepreneurship research.


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