On this page, we will be featuring stories about the work our alumni are doing and asking for their advice to spur the drive of each of our undergraduates.

Mike Kappel

Mr. Kappel graduated from Ohio University in 1980 with an engineering degree. He currently owns 5 companies, all of which he has started. Read more.

David Pidwell

Mr. Pidwell graduated with a B.S degree in electrical engineering and an M.S.I.S.E degree in computer systems engineering from Ohio University.  He founded the software company Rasna Corp. and is now a venture partner with Alloy Ventures. He is also a member of the Board of Trustees. Read more.

Lillie Ranney

Foleeo-LogoHow did Lillie turn her idea into reality? What are her primary motivators? Lillie describes the rise of her company, Foleeo, and provides advice to yearning entrepreneurs. Read more.

Richard Rodman

crowdentialsRichard transformed his idea into a budding business. Richard lets you in on how his company, Crowdentials, is rising rapidly and hints at how emerging entrepreneurs can find balance in life. Read more.

Alan Schaaf

Alan Schaaf founded the image-sharing site Imgur back in 2009 as a tool for uploading images to Reddit. It raised $40 million from Andreessen Horowitz of Reddit in April 2014. Read more.