Computer Services BuildingFaculty

Ohio University’s College of Business Administration faculty contribute to the Center for Entrepreneurship in a variety of ways.  They contribute to the research agenda by undertaking research, publishing research papers, attending research conferences.  Faculty also teach many of the courses led by the Center and support student learning through administration, service and outreach.


These directors strive to create valuable programs and resources so that you can succeed and become innovative entrepreneurs! They come from the Center for Entrepreneurship, TechGROWTH Ohio, the College of Business, and the Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs.


Meet all members of the University staff who are actively managing and organizing the Center’s activity.

Student Employees

Meet the students just like you who help manage this blog and keep you up to date on all the entrepreneurial happenings at Ohio University!

Entrepreneurial Fellows

Meet the professionals who are providing expert entrepreneurial assistance to students starting businesses and our entrepreneurial clubs.

Entrepreneurial Champions

The Center for Entrepreneurship is at the beginning of setting up a network of entrepreneurial champions across the campus at Ohio University as a means to enhance university wide entrepreneurship education for our students.

Research Fellows

Research Fellows are non-business faculty and professionals who are involved on projects or are collaborating with the Center for Entrepreneurship on small business research.


Meet alumni and read about their successes.


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