New Venture Planning


The College of Business is offering MBA6900: MBA New Venture Planning in the Fall and Spring. This is a visit-based venture planning course that invites you to learn outside the classroom. The course offers “learning journeys” that will take students to a number of locations within one-day travelling distance of Athens, OH. These locations include the Cleveland Clinic, Cybersecurity at Batelle, Columbus, and the Economic Development and Business Model Competition, Dublin Campus. Each journey will encompass a tour/visit, a thematic seminar and course-work associated with the visit. Four learning journeys will be offered during the semester and students. Alongside the learning journeys students will develop a new venture idea, will develop a business model and venture proposal and will present their concept at a business model competition. A prize of $2,000 will be awarded to the winning team.

Visits in Fall 2016 have an entrepreneurship and/or innovation focus. Students will have a visit and tour of the host company, will engage in a themed seminar at the host and have the opportunity to meet alumni and recruiters at a networking event. Transportation and food will be provided for students during the visit. Students will be expected to write a personal reflective account of the learning outcomes they gained from each visit. Student teams will develop a business idea and business model during the semester. Assessment will include a business model report, elevator pitch, investor fact sheet, and investor interview.



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