Major in Entrepreneurship

Program Overview

Idea Pitch CompetitionThe goal of the program is to provide you with an in-depth and rigorous study of the field of entrepreneurship. We focus on honing your ability to either start a new venture or develop the ability to meaningfully contribute in a corporate entrepreneurial setting. Upon graduation, you will be prepared to start your own small business, to assist other entrepreneurs in starting up or running a business, or to contribute to entrepreneurial activities in established organizations.

The economic development of our nation is sparked primarily by the “Entrepreneurial Spirit.” This spirit emerges from a very special and unique segment of the population known as entrepreneurs. A continual infusion of new ideas and new energies brought forth by these entrepreneurs is the cornerstone of economic growth in our country. As such, entrepreneurs and their new ventures are of vital importance in the process of economic revitalization.

Success in entrepreneurship requires a broad base of conceptual knowledge, personal skills, and competencies. The required courses ensure a variety of rich developmental experiences that can include applied learning, case analysis, research projects, team-based active learning projects, and guest speakers, in addition to traditional classroom lectures and discussions. This major places a strong emphasis on written and oral communications skills, teamwork, and personal initiative.



Major Hours Requirement

The entrepreneurship major requires a minimum of 128 hours.

University-wide Graduation Requirements

To complete this program, students must meet all University-wide graduation requirements.

Entrepreneurship Requirements

Core Requirements

  • One approved elective for three credit hours: See your choices.
  • MGT 3450 Entrepreneurial Leadership: Learn the concepts and theories about leadership at the individual level and build and enhance your own leadership skills. (Requisites: MGT 3400)
  • MGT 3740 Ideation and Business Models: Build the courage to create and risk making mistakes in your quest for true innovations in products, services or processes. You will solve problems in uncertain and dynamic environments. Engage your brain to discover patterns to produce breakthrough ideas that solve business problems! (Requisites: MGT 2100)
  • MGT 4700 Theories of Entrepreneurship: Broadly examine historical, literary, and business perspectives on entrepreneurship and understand the role of individuals, new ventures, and established organizations in the discovery, evaluation, and exploitation of economic opportunities. (Requisites: ACCT 3770 and Sr only)
  • ACCT 3770 Entrepreneurial Accounting: Get a better handle typical day to day operations and also better identify those urgent issues requiring outside experts. The focus is on the fundamental aspects of planning and control necessary for the accounting component of a business plan. (Requisites: ACCT 1010 and 1020 and FIN 2020)

Core Elective (Choose One)

  • MGT 3730 Entrepreneurial Business Consulting: Work as consultants with a real business! Conduct background research, analyze the client’s current situation and context, and make recommendations on how to address a defined business problem. Gain general business skills, such as report writing, presentation, client interaction skills, and team management skills. (Requisites: MGT 3700 and 3710)
  • MGT 3735 Entrepreneurship in Practice: Students will work in the Bobcat Hatchery in an action-based learning environment to create and implement innovative entrepreneurial solutions to real problems, by working towards creation of either start-ups or social ventures.

Electives (Choose 1. Must be Junior standing)

  • MGT 3710 Business Plan Design: This is a project-based course in which students, working in small groups, research and develop a business plan for a new venture. With tutorial guidance, students will select an entrepreneurial idea and develop it into a comprehensive and fully detailed, written business plan.
  • MGT 3650 International Market Assessment and Entry: Examine concepts, frameworks and tools for assessing international market opportunities and for selecting and implementing appropriate means of international market entry.
  • MGT 3720 Technology Commercialization: Find, evaluate, and develop raw technical ideas into commercially viable product concepts, and build those into business propositions. (Requisites: MGT 3700 and (Jr or Sr))
  • MGT 3400 Organizational Behavior: Examine the behavior of individuals and groups in organizations. Focus on high performance and satisfaction in the modern workplace, and in context of cultural diversity, globalization, ethical behavior, and social responsibility.
  • MKT 4900 Entrepreneurial Sales: Gain an understanding of the theory and process of negotiation and sales as they are practiced in entrepreneurial settings.
  • LPA 4710 Social Entrepreneurship

College of Business Requirements

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Global Requirements

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