Global Consulting Program in Hungary

About Pécs, Hungaryhungary

Pécs, the “City of Wine and Grapes” is located on the southwest part of Hungary. It is mostly a university town where the first university in the country was established. It is fifth largest city in Hungary and a multicultural place that hosts many international students and visitors each year. In 1998, UNESCO granted Pécs the “Cities for Peace Prize” to recognize their effort in preserving the minorities’ cultures and their support offered during the Balkan Warsto the refugees.

Pécs is building a new regional development strategy that has pushed several companies to establish their headquarters in the city. This transformation is set to affect the health, environmental, and creative industries. The development strategy manages education, information technology, and research and development as a whole. They want to achieve a change in structure roo ted in the region’s capacities by meeting the needs for sustainable global competitiveness.

About the Simonyi Center at the University of Pécs

The Simonyi Center for Entrepreneurship is hosted at the University of Pécs, Hungary, which is one of the larges Universities in Hungary. As well as being recognized for its quality education practices, the University of Pécs and its region are rich in cultural arts, science, and innovation.

The Simonyi Center is an entrepreneurial business support services center at the University of Pécs; which is one of the major universities in Hungary. Since April 17th, 2013, Simonyi Center has merged with the Business Economic Development Center and officially operates under Simonyi BEDC.

Their mission is to westernize Hungary’s post-socialist approach by changing students’ perspectives on business practices and implementing a capitalist view on entrepreneurs. The Simonyi Center offers business development and assistance services to entrepreneurs and organizations in the fields of cultural arts, sciences, and innovation a s well as business. Services are offered to Pécs and the surrounding region.

“Before participating in the Simonyi Center I was unsure where or what I would be working on. My background is in business planning and launching start-ups, so I knew I could provide assistance to both the students and businesses. After participating I am blown away and totally impressed by the student-client interaction, immediate student team bonding and end result presentations of the student projects. It was a heartwarming experience to see such a positive and successful collaboration from so many international perspectives.” – David Pidwell, Alumna, Ohio University & Venture Partner at Alloy Ventures

Consulting Projects

Global Consulting Program in Hungary – Summer 2015

As part of the GCP experience our students work hand-in-hand with close to 240 local small and medium enterprises, start-ups, not-for-profit, public institutes, and municipalities. Industries include: technology, service, auto-manufacturing, agriculture, R&D, alternative medicine, water waste management, household industrial energy supplies, sustainability consulting, energy, food, tourism, constructing, and banking.

During the program, students are trained and teamed up with partner students, allowing them to gain a business knowledge and international experience. They provide business support services for small and medium-sized businesses in the Southern Transdanubian region. It also exposes scientists, engineers, researchers, and developers with little business experience, as well as professionals with business backgrounds, to the world of innovation and commercialization.

In contrast with other GCPs, in Hungary, students work with up to three institutes instead of one. They also receive training from Procter & Gamble and Exxon Mobil teams and are given the opportunity to test themselves for recruitment opportunities with those companies.

Cultural Activities

Wine Tasting

Students will have the opportunity to go to the Villany Region in the south of Hungary. It is one of the best wine regions in the country, and it is best known for its rosés and reds. GCP participants will taste a variety of award-winning wines and go on tours around the wine cellars.

Sétatér Festival

This 3-week cultural and gastronomic event is one of Pécs’ biggest and most popular events of summer. It takes place in front of the Cathedral under the shade of chestnut trees. This festival hosts a variety of typical dishes and wines, as well as music and cultural performances.

Travel Opportunities

Hungary’s location makes it easy for our students to travel by train to many other major countries in the continent. Trains from Budapest to Pécs run every day. In addition, trains run from Pécs to Vienna, Austria and Osijek, Croatia.

Usually, GCP students travel with the Blue Economy summer school participants to bordering countries such as Serbia. They are also supported and encouraged to travel to other spots in Hungary such as Lake Balaton, as well as Western and Central Europe, including Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, and Slovakia.

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