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Advisor: Paul Mass

Meeting times:  Thursdays, 6-7pm, Copeland 107

Many students in today’s educational world are being exposed to consulting project through various projects undertaken in their educational experience. Through this experience they gain an affinity for continuing their professional and personal development as a consultant. Ohio University Consulting Fellows (OUCF) offers students throughout Ohio University the chance to enhance their  hard consulting skills, client portfolio, soft skills, and experiential knowledge through real world client interaction.

What is the Consulting Fellows Program?

The Consulting Fellows Program equips Ohio University’s future leaders with the necessary skills for a successful career in consulting, as entrepreneurs,  or any aspect of business. The program’s components ­– Consulting, Training, Workshops, Networking, Startup Support, Mentorship and leadership are organized by the Ohio University Consulting Fellows in order to help better develop any individual of Ohio University in order to best prepare them for their future consulting career.

Consulting – Participants have the opportunity to experience consulting by working through actual business problems and challenges in order to create solutions or achieve goals. We invite consulting fellows to play the role of a consultant and advise a real client on key business and strategic issues, letting them experience advanced problem solving and improve their critical thinking and presentation skills.

Training  – The Ohio University Consulting Fellows individuals of any major study throughout the University. OUCF has an extensive onboarding process in which the Director of HR will provide individuals who might not have the existing skills with the technical hard skills & the soft skills. The training process offer a dynamic team based learning in addition to individual support to allow for both personal professional development and a smooth transition into the firm. Individuals going through the training process are still members of the firm, meet each week with the fellows and participate in current projects; however, for the semester period are considered associates. The only difference between a consultant and an associate is the training sessions. These sessions are usually no longer than an hour before or after the normal meeting time. Training topics include: Baseline Process, Client interactions, Professional dress, Deliverable formatting, Excel training, Professional design training, Professional communication, and more.

Workshops – The Ohio University Consulting Fellows believe in continuing education and therefore encourage constant development. In order to ensure constant development and continuous education OUCF organizes professional workshops through the firm for individuals within and without the company. Topics include: Interview etiquette, current trends in Motivation, Leadership training, Professional Design and more.

Networking – Building networks is an important component for most undergraduates, and we host a variety of events so that consulting fellows can get to know one another, but also meet industry professionals and build their own personal networks. Not only does OUCF invite individuals in industry down to Athens to visit, but we also send some of our own members to locales throughout the country to visit individuals. Past trips include: San Francisco, New York, Washington D.C., and Columbus 

Startup Support – The Ohio University Consulting Fellows provide peer to peer consulting for individuals and teams participating in the Bobcat Hatchery (Ohio University’s Student Ideation Lab) as well as any entrepreneurial venture associated with the University. OUCF is uniquely trained to work with entrepreneurial start up ventures.

Mentorship – Ohio University Consulting Fellows are each connected throughout the firms network and their own to unique industry professionals who help guide them through their own personal development and career goals. Each mentor is unique and each mentee holds a personal relationship with their mentor on their own grounds.

Leadership – The Ohio University Consulting Fellows operates as a real world company and incorporates a Board of Directors to serve as the executive leadership team. Additionally these positions are appointed through promotions, not voted on. In addition to the Board of Directors the fellows operate in project groups with project leads. Each project lead is the leader of the specific project group for the duration of their project consultation. Project leads are appointed throughout the year for the various projects by the Board of Directors.


Client Portfolio


In the past Ohio University Consulting Fellows has worked with a variety of clients from local businesses in Athens to large multi-national corporations like the YMCA.

Clients Include:
Local Clients – Athens area
Statewide Clients – Throughout Cincinnati & Columbus
National Clients – Throughout Chicago & New York
Global & International Clients – Costa Rica

Industries Include:
Retail Consumer Products
Automotive Manufacturing
Medical & Healthcare
Real Estate
Higher Education

2016 Board of Directors


What You Will Gain


  • Real world internship experience to prepare them for the work force
  • Knowledge and training in the different areas of consulting through workshops, group-work, and client presentations
  • A chance to realize if they have what it takes to be a consultant
  • Experience to put on their resumes that sets them apart from other students

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2015-16 Members

Ben Bruggemann
Taylor Chester
Jimmy Comodeca
Christina Dulovich
Andrew Fennen
Thomas Hays
Collin Patterson
Noah Rosenblatt
Ryan Shultz
Cat Stolar
Riley Swartz
Jayson Wollmann

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