Consulting Fellows in Atlanta

Two weekends ago, Consulting Fellows took a trip down to Atlanta to network with three companies: FD advisors, NClear and Grant Thorton. FD Advisors talked about how they are a company that really fosters a healthy company culture and values their employees as much as they value their clients. Next, they visited NClear. NClear is a true start-up that created nano-crystal technology to attach phosphorous in water and effectively remove phosphorous in an Eco-friendly way.  This company can market to local governments, meat processing plants and waste water treatment facilities. Their technology is revolutionary due to how it works. Mike Miles, CEO, explained that the crystals attach to the phosphorous, and can then be unattached to re-harvest the phosphorous.  Last but not least was Grant Thorton. The Consulting Fellows got to sit with Randy Shrum and a few associates just a few years older than them. All of the associates who came to talk work in the auditing department for non-profits. They were able to discuss with them specifically how Grant Thorton has a very in depth and unique non-profit program to reaally help companies with a good cause that they are passionate about. They also were able to discuss life after college with the associates and the perks of working with a company like Grant Thorton with a fun and friendly culture.

Enactus USA Regional Competition


This year, Enactus Ohio University made progress on the Athena Mothers Initiative, a project which aims to empower single mothers in the Athens area by equipping them with professional skills and connecting them with resources to advance their career paths. With the long-term goal of creating a co-housing space for single mothers in view, this year we focused on forming partnerships and making short-term impact as proof-of-concept. We are currently working on two sub-projects: a six-week career coaching group for single mothers, and providing a central location for information on services for single mothers in the Athens area. In partnership with Jen Murphy and the College of Business Office of Career Management, our six-week career coaching group will allow single mothers to gain skills in resume and cover letter writing, interview skills, and coaching through the transition into a dependable career. In response to the lack of awareness of all the resources available to single mothers, we also compiled a resource list and posted it throughout Athens and online.


On March 31st, we travelled to the Enactus USA regional competition in Washington D.C. to present our progress. A panel of 16 judges offered thoughtful and insightful comments on how the project could be improved, which we will keep in mind as we continue work this summer and fall. As a young team, we found it helpful to observe the presentations of other universities and learn from their successes and failures. After attending the competition, we are excited and energized to continue this momentum through the summer and fall semesters!


Idea Pitch Competition

The Center for Entrepreneurship Presents:

Idea Pitch Competition

The Idea Pitch Competition is meant for students to come and pitch their entrepreneurial ideas to a panel of judges, which then they will receive feedback and cash prizes, depending on how well their pitch was given. This year the pitch competition will be separated into two categories. The categories are:

* 3-minute fast pitch which is intended for brand new, untested ideas

* 8-minute full pitch for more developed scientific and entrepreneurial concepts

If you have questions about the pitch competition regulations or about the event itself, please visit the website at: This year’s Idea Pitch Competition will take place at the Student Expo on April 6th, 2017. We look forward to seeing you there!

Technology and Society


New certificate program open to all OHIO students. Focus on social forces that shape technology, critical questions which society must discuss and the importance of technical literacy to all. For more information and assistance with advising, email or enroll at Wilson Hall, College of Arts and Sciences. Minimum number of hours for the certificate is 15. Most classes will double-count toward a major.

Required (choose one)

  • HIST2905 Technology in World History – 3 credit hours, no prerequisites
  • CAS2600 Tech Matters – 3 credit hours, no prerequisites

Humanities, Social Sciences and Management (choose two)

  • ENG3490 History of Books and Printing – 3 credit hours, prerequisites ENG2010 or ENG2020
  • ENG3860 Composing in New Media – 3 credit hours, no prerequisites
  • ECON3130 Economics of Environment – 3 credit hours, prerequisites ECON1030 and MATH1350
  • ECON3350 Economics of Energy – 3 credit hours, prerequisites ECON1030 and MATH1350
  • ECON3510 Agricultural Development – 3 credit hours, prerequisites ECON1030 and ECON1040
  • MDIA2012 Media, Communication and Social Change – 3 credit hours, no prerequisites
  • MGT3700 Introduction to Entrepreneurship – 3 credit hours, no prerequisites
  • MGT3720 Technology Commercialization – 3 credit hours, no prerequisites
  • PSY2110 Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences, 3 credit hours, MATH1200
  • PHIL3200 Symbolic Logic I – 3 credit hours, no prerequisites

Technical Literacy (choose classes to total six credit hours)

  • Technical Literacy classes are accessible to students from all backgrounds.
  • ET2800 Engineering and Technology – 3 credit hours, no prerequisites
  • ETM1100 Introduction to Manufacturing Processes, 3 credit hours, no prerequisites
  • ETM1030 Enterprise Computer Methods – 3 credit hours, no prerequisites
  • CS1400 Fundamentals of Computing – 3 credit hours, no prerequisites
  • CS2300 Introduction to Java – 4 credit hours, prerequisites MATH1200 or MATH1350 or PL2
  • CS2400 Introduction to Computer Sciences I – 4 credit hours, prerequisites MATH1200 or PL2
  • MIS2011 Introduction to Information Analysis and Design Nonmajor – 3 credit hours, no
  • MIS2021 Business Information Systems Nonmajor – 3 credit hours, no prerequisites
  • VICO2561 Introduction to Basic Web Design – 3 credit hours, not VICO major
  • GEOG2680 Introduction to GIS – 3 credit hours, no prerequisites
  • EE1024 Introduction to Computer Engineering – 4 credit hours, prerequisites MATH1200 or PL2
  • ME1010 Mechanical Engineering Gateway – 3 credit hours, no prerequisites
  • ISE1100 Introduction to Computers and Industrial Engineering – 3 credit hours, no prerequisites
  • CE2000 Civil Engineering Fundamentals – 1 credit hour, no prerequisites
  • CHE1000 Introduction to Chemical Engineering – 1 credit hour, no prerequisites

For additional information or advising about course selection, email

Your Future in Franchising

The Center for Entrepreneurship would like to invite you to our upcoming event that focuses on the topic of franchising. What is franchising you may ask? Well franchising is a form of business by which the owner, or franchiser, of a product, service, or method obtains distribution through affiliated dealers, who are called franchisees. The franchiser provides a licensed privilege to the franchisee to do business through the same name as the original corporation. A major benefit of buying into a franchise is the fact that you are purchasing a system that has already been proven successful, which means less mistakes will be made in the long run. Not only is the franchise successful, it will also already have allotted a reputation, which means that there will already be a demand for the franchisers product. A final benefit of franchising is the benefit or strength in numbers. The franchisee will gain from the economics of scale in buying materials, supplies and services, as well as in negotiating for locations and lease terms, whereas independent entrepreneurs have to negotiate everything on their own, which could be more of a hassle for those just starting out.

Here are some of the speakers that will be presenting at the event:

* SJB Hotel Companies (Including their hotel chains)

* Stanley Steemer

* Little Professor Book Center

* Donatos

The Center for Entrepreneurship hosts various events throughout the semester as a way to connect students with an expert in their field of study. Students are encouraged to come to this event and learn from industry leaders about how to get started in the rapidly expanding market of franchising. This event will be held on Wednesday, March 15th at the Baker Center Theater from 6-8pm. We look forward to seeing you there!

Upcoming Venture Café Featuring Guest Speaker Michael Giuliano!

thumbnail_venture-cafe_digital-display_michael-giulianoMichael Giuliano is frequently requested by name for his widely-published results with Fortune 500’s Elite and Private Equity (Including 38 of the Fortune 100). He has enjoyed leading operations and successful product launches in excess of $1B. Giuliano has managed and/or directed P&L’s as large as $11B for several major M&A turnarounds and successfully led multiple start-ups.

Giuliano is most recognized as the United States Patent and Trademark Owner of certifiedlean. In 2014, he proudly donated his “certifiedlean” mark to Ohio University to introduce and increase access to key learnings earlier in the education process as students versus later in life as professionals. Giuliano has directly trained and authored formal Corporate Lean-Sigma Programs (utilizing Hoshin Kanri and Shingijutsu methodologies) spanning nearly every industry, discipline, and profession. He has directly trained over 40,000 professionals worldwide since 2000.

Giuliano started his career a tech-giant Intel where he earned distinct Engineering honors throughout numerous high profile product launches and served as Intel’s First Lean Content Expert at their Flagship Manufacturing Lab.

The Center for Entrepreneurship hosts various Venture Cafes throughout the semester as a way to connect students with an expert in their field of study. They are a great way for business oriented students to learn the ins and outs of the various aspects of becoming a successful entrepreneur. This event will be held on Friday, February 24th from 12-1:30pm at the Living Learning Center. We look forward to seeing you there!

Bobcat Launchpad Kickoff

Many Bobcats have gotten their business rolling using Bobcat Launchpad. We will be posting articles highlighting the students, their startups, and how Bobcat Launchpad turned their dreams into reality. First up is Drake Crabtree and The First Rendezvous which offers The First Date Box.

Drake Crabtree and The First Date Box!

Drake Crabtree came up with the idea for the First Date Box after brainstorming over the summer with his business partner about potential startup ideas. They both came to an agreement on an idea of a first date box subscription service. With school starting back up soon, they both decided that there wouldn’t be enough time to make their dream of owning a startup come true. As the fall semester went on, Crabtree and his partner found a renewed energy for the idea and dove right in to creating a business. Thus, The First Rendezvous was created. rc7yn2rh

What is The First Date Box, you might ask? It includes a collection of games and activities designed to spark a connection between individuals on a first date. After having his fair share of bad first dates, Crabtree explained that they wanted everything in the box to contribute to a unique first date experience. Everything down to the colors of the box itself contributes to the overall theme, which is of course love. The First Rendezvous focuses on creating a unique experience for its consumers, and also has a unique story of its own creation process.

“We didn’t go the traditional startup route with The First Rendezvous. A lot of our process involved researching as we went along. Anytime a new challenge came up, we would look up ways to solve the problem”, said Crabtree.

He explained that the whole process of creating The First Rendezvous was a great learning experience. Although his partner had ran a business before, Crabtree said that there are a lot of little things he learned along the way, such as paying attention to details. He also learned the importance of preparation, especially with regards to giving public speeches. One of the key resources in helping Crabtree overcome the many challenges of creating a startup was The Center for Entrepreneurship.

“One thing that the Center really did for me was give me the courage and drive to keep pushing forward. It really helped to listen to different perspectives from other entrepreneurs and gain more experience on what our future should be”, said Crabtree.

Crabtree explained that another major benefit from working with the Center for Entrepreneurship was the networking possibilities. He explained that by going to these events, he was able to connect with many different individuals, ranging from professors, businesses, and other entrepreneurs. It gave Crabtree the courage to go up and talk to his professors and actually be proud of what he had done as an entrepreneur. It also gave him other opportunities with local entrepreneurs. Because of the success of The First Rendezvous, Crabtree was

contacted by the entrepreneurship fraternity here at Ohio University, Epsilon Nu Tau, where he now works as the Vice President of Pledge Education and as an executive board member.

When asked about advice for any upcoming entrepreneurs, Crabtree said this, “Just go for it because if you hesitate then you won’t get anything done. Without even trying, you won’t know if your ideas will be successful or not”.

Any young entrepreneurs should take Crabtree’s advice. Go out and try something while you are still in college and have these opportunities. Without trying, you really won’t know if you can succeed. For more information about Drake Crabtree and The First Rendezvous, visit their website at: picture1