Voinovich School

The George V. Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs is a multidisciplinary school at Ohio University named after the former U.S. Senator George V. Voinovich, a 1958 graduate of Ohio University, to honor his distinguished career in public service.

The Voinovich School has an innovative, transformative program of job creation, real-world education of Ohio’s next generation of entrepreneurs, development of solutions for energy and environmental issues, training of state government and nonprofit agency leaders in strategic value creation and performance measurement, and expert analysis of the state’s K-12 system. The School, along with the University, has become a leader in public/private partnerships, and is helping Ohio become a business-friendly state.

Voinovich SchoolFaculty
The Voinovich School is comprised of faculty and professional staff members who work in multidisciplinary project groups with students and faculty from various departments and colleges across Ohio University. The School integrates scholarship, learning, and practice to solve environmental and energy problems; promotes value creation, smart policymaking and innovation in governments and nonprofits; builds businesses, drives entrepreneurship, helps develop the region’s economy; and molds current and future strategic leaders in public and environmental affairs.

Areas of Focus
The work of the Voinovich School is focused in three main areas – Policy Innovation and Strategic Leadership, Energy and the Environment, and Entrepreneurship and Regional Development. In each of these three areas, the School manages degree programs and has an established track record in conducting applied research and providing services that address regional and state problems.

The Voinovich School is home to the Master of Public Administration, the Honors tutorial College/Voinovich School Undergraduate Research Scholars, and the Environmental Studies Program delivered in partnership with the College of Arts and Sciences. The School also partners with the College of Business to co-deliver the Center for Entrepreneurship.


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