Consulting Fellows in Atlanta

Two weekends ago, Consulting Fellows took a trip down to Atlanta to network with three companies: FD advisors, NClear and Grant Thorton. FD Advisors talked about how they are a company that really fosters a healthy company culture and values their employees as much as they value their clients. Next, they visited NClear. NClear is a true start-up that created nano-crystal technology to attach phosphorous in water and effectively remove phosphorous in an Eco-friendly way.  This company can market to local governments, meat processing plants and waste water treatment facilities. Their technology is revolutionary due to how it works. Mike Miles, CEO, explained that the crystals attach to the phosphorous, and can then be unattached to re-harvest the phosphorous.  Last but not least was Grant Thorton. The Consulting Fellows got to sit with Randy Shrum and a few associates just a few years older than them. All of the associates who came to talk work in the auditing department for non-profits. They were able to discuss with them specifically how Grant Thorton has a very in depth and unique non-profit program to reaally help companies with a good cause that they are passionate about. They also were able to discuss life after college with the associates and the perks of working with a company like Grant Thorton with a fun and friendly culture.