Enactus USA Regional Competition


This year, Enactus Ohio University made progress on the Athena Mothers Initiative, a project which aims to empower single mothers in the Athens area by equipping them with professional skills and connecting them with resources to advance their career paths. With the long-term goal of creating a co-housing space for single mothers in view, this year we focused on forming partnerships and making short-term impact as proof-of-concept. We are currently working on two sub-projects: a six-week career coaching group for single mothers, and providing a central location for information on services for single mothers in the Athens area. In partnership with Jen Murphy and the College of Business Office of Career Management, our six-week career coaching group will allow single mothers to gain skills in resume and cover letter writing, interview skills, and coaching through the transition into a dependable career. In response to the lack of awareness of all the resources available to single mothers, we also compiled a resource list and posted it throughout Athens and online.


On March 31st, we travelled to the Enactus USA regional competition in Washington D.C. to present our progress. A panel of 16 judges offered thoughtful and insightful comments on how the project could be improved, which we will keep in mind as we continue work this summer and fall. As a young team, we found it helpful to observe the presentations of other universities and learn from their successes and failures. After attending the competition, we are excited and energized to continue this momentum through the summer and fall semesters!



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