Bobcat Launchpad Kickoff

Many Bobcats have gotten their business rolling using Bobcat Launchpad. We will be posting articles highlighting the students, their startups, and how Bobcat Launchpad turned their dreams into reality. First up is Drake Crabtree and The First Rendezvous which offers The First Date Box.

Drake Crabtree and The First Date Box!

Drake Crabtree came up with the idea for the First Date Box after brainstorming over the summer with his business partner about potential startup ideas. They both came to an agreement on an idea of a first date box subscription service. With school starting back up soon, they both decided that there wouldn’t be enough time to make their dream of owning a startup come true. As the fall semester went on, Crabtree and his partner found a renewed energy for the idea and dove right in to creating a business. Thus, The First Rendezvous was created. rc7yn2rh

What is The First Date Box, you might ask? It includes a collection of games and activities designed to spark a connection between individuals on a first date. After having his fair share of bad first dates, Crabtree explained that they wanted everything in the box to contribute to a unique first date experience. Everything down to the colors of the box itself contributes to the overall theme, which is of course love. The First Rendezvous focuses on creating a unique experience for its consumers, and also has a unique story of its own creation process.

“We didn’t go the traditional startup route with The First Rendezvous. A lot of our process involved researching as we went along. Anytime a new challenge came up, we would look up ways to solve the problem”, said Crabtree.

He explained that the whole process of creating The First Rendezvous was a great learning experience. Although his partner had ran a business before, Crabtree said that there are a lot of little things he learned along the way, such as paying attention to details. He also learned the importance of preparation, especially with regards to giving public speeches. One of the key resources in helping Crabtree overcome the many challenges of creating a startup was The Center for Entrepreneurship.

“One thing that the Center really did for me was give me the courage and drive to keep pushing forward. It really helped to listen to different perspectives from other entrepreneurs and gain more experience on what our future should be”, said Crabtree.

Crabtree explained that another major benefit from working with the Center for Entrepreneurship was the networking possibilities. He explained that by going to these events, he was able to connect with many different individuals, ranging from professors, businesses, and other entrepreneurs. It gave Crabtree the courage to go up and talk to his professors and actually be proud of what he had done as an entrepreneur. It also gave him other opportunities with local entrepreneurs. Because of the success of The First Rendezvous, Crabtree was

contacted by the entrepreneurship fraternity here at Ohio University, Epsilon Nu Tau, where he now works as the Vice President of Pledge Education and as an executive board member.

When asked about advice for any upcoming entrepreneurs, Crabtree said this, “Just go for it because if you hesitate then you won’t get anything done. Without even trying, you won’t know if your ideas will be successful or not”.

Any young entrepreneurs should take Crabtree’s advice. Go out and try something while you are still in college and have these opportunities. Without trying, you really won’t know if you can succeed. For more information about Drake Crabtree and The First Rendezvous, visit their website at: picture1


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