Ohio University Alums Design Anti-Drone Countermeasure


In 2015, Dan Stamm and Alex Morrow saw a need for protection against the growing trend of unmanned drones. With a small amount of capital, and permission from their scientific leaders, the two set out to create a piece of technology that would provide people with protection from pesky drones. DroneDefender, as the technology is being called, is a directed-energy unmanned aircraft system countermeasure. The countermeasure disrupts communication between the drone and the user and neutralizes any remote actions, such as detonation. This way, there is very little damage done to the surrounding area, as well as to the drone itself. Due to regulations placed by the Federal Communications Commission, DroneDefender is only able to be used by authorized personnel. The two creators have sold over 100 of these devices to the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security. With high demand for their tech, the creators surely have their future work cut out for them! More information about DroneDefender can be found here: https://www.battelle.org/government-offerings/national-security/tactical-systems-vehicles/tactical-equipment/counter-UAS-technologies



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