Maya in Spain

One of our professor’s, Chris Crawford, teaches a class, MGT 3450 where he encourages students to pick something on their bucket list and figure out what it takes to make it happen. One of his students, Maya, actually did! Check out her blog on her trip to Spain after her class project:


Looking for STEM Students and Innovators


VentureWell’s E-Team program provides early-stage funding of up to $25,000 and cultivates opportunities for student STEM inventors and innovators to move ideas out of the lab and into the market.

The multi-stage program provides grant funding, immersive workshops, and coaching to help student teams realize their projects’ full commercial potential.
The application deadline to participate in the spring cohort is January 25.

Inventions and innovations of successful E-Teams have included:

·         Biomedical devices, health care solutions, or health-based technologies

·         Clean technologies, clean energy or sustainable materials

·         Technologies for low-resource settings (U.S. and/or globally) that address poverty and basic human needs such as affordable energy, clean water, health and medical devices, agriculture, IT and other income-generating tools

Learn about our past E-Team grantees and their innovations here.
Detailed guidelines are here and FAQ here.

Check out this quick video summary: Kinnos: E-Team Program

See some of our past E-Team success stories.eteam2

Entrepreneur Certificate

Empowering Students to Turn their Ideas into Action.

The Certificate in Entrepreneurship is a great way for students from all disciplines to combine the information they learn in class and apply it into a job setting. It greatly helps students get the skills they need to not only start their own business, but to also build a great foundation for their future.

Certificate Overview:

The objective of the certificate program in entrepreneurship is to expose non-Bachelor of Business Administration students to entrepreneurship and to cultivate an “entrepreneurial mindset” within these students. A primary focus of the program is to allow the students to tailor the program to their individual program of study. Students completing the entrepreneurship certificate are prepared to assist other entrepreneurs in starting or running a business, or to contribute to entrepreneurial activities in established organizations.


Course Work:

MGT 3700 – Introduction to Entrepreneurship

MGT 3740 – Ideation and Business Models or MGT 3550 – Creativity and Innovation Management

MGT 3730 – Entrepreneurial Business Consulting or MGT 3735 – Entrepreneurship in Practice

Students must also complete two electives alongside of these courses. A full list of electives can be found at:


Career Paths:

Start-Up Entrepreneur: An entrepreneur that is defined as an individual who organizes or operates a business. Entrepreneurs are commonly seen as innovators and generators of new ideas and business processes. They are risk takers that convert an idea or invention into a business venture.

Social Entrepreneur: A social entrepreneur is a person who establishes an enterprise with the intent to solve social problems or affect social change. By seizing opportunities to improve systems, invent new approaches, and create solutions, social entrepreneurs change society for the better.

Unlimited Opportunity: In today’s marketplace, people with an entrepreneurial mindset are valued in all sectors. With an understanding of ideation and business models, leadership, and sales, you’ll be prepared to think differently, imagine new possibilities, and create economic opportunity.

Dr. Paul Mass, Associate Director for the Center for Entrepreneurship, said “Based on my personal experience, there are opportunities in many different industries for students to monetize what they have learned. The certificate program was designed specifically for students who have talent and passion for a field, but do not have the skills necessary to start their own business. The program is a great way for students to learn some of those nontechnical skills that are required when becoming an entrepreneur.”

A Certificate in Entrepreneurship greatly helps students prepare for their futures. Not only does it cause them to think differently about problems they may come across, it gives students valuable skills that they can apply in their field of study. The certificate program also gives students the opportunity to work on actual entrepreneurial projects while they are still in school, allowing them to apply the information they learn in the classroom straight to their project.  Make sure you stop by the Center for Entrepreneurship to find out more about the certificate program, or visit our website at: