Entrepreneur Spotlight: Lori Bentz

loriLori Bentz, President of Ohio University Entrepreneurs, talks about some of the struggle that you might come across when being an entrepreneur, as well as some of her accomplishments. After putting in enough hard work and dedication, along with help from others, Bentz launched C-Suite. C-Suite is a student led initiative to help acquire locations that will support student entrepreneurs in their endeavors. It came as inspiration from University Innovation Fellows, as well as Bentz’s trip to Stanford. Bentz wanted to help create a way to support upcoming entrepreneurs and realized from experience that there aren’t many locations around Athens that can house startups.

Being an entrepreneur certainly isn’t easy by any means, it takes great amounts of perseverance and dedication to your project. You must be able to focus solely on your business if you want it to grow into the idea you first dreamed it would be.

Bentz feels that one of the hard things about being an entrepreneur is the fact that you have to try and work on it around your already busy schedule.

“There’s no set schedule in being an entrepreneur. It’s not a 9 to 5 job where you have set times for working. It’s all about getting done what you can in the limited time you have to work”, said Bentz

One of the resources that helped Bentz get the idea of C-Suite off the ground, and helped her stay focused on it was the Center for Entrepreneurship.

“The Center helped quite a bit, especially with connections to people that helped me develop my startup”, said Bentz. “They provided connections to Harvard University, Babson College, Arizona State University, and the University of Utah.”

The Center for Entrepreneurship provides both connections and mentoring services for aspiring entrepreneurs. They help students put more of a focus on their startup, while still learning about the ins-and-outs of being an entrepreneur.

Apart from the Center for Entrepreneurship, Bentz had help from Shauna Boland, Roxanne Male-Brune, and David Pidwell. They all inspired Bentz to work hard and put her best effort into her startup.

2016-10-27Bentz looks to expand upon C-Suite so that it will eventually have its own facility with a comprehensive program that connects all Colleges at the Ohio University Athens Campus. This way, C-Suite can provide help to not only College of Business Students, but students from other colleges that have an idea for a startup.

In addition to the future of C-Suite, Bentz also has some plans of her own. She aspires to one day start a company that builds up failing business and then sell them for a profit.

Bentz is a great example of what it takes to become an entrepreneur. You must have dedication to your startup and spend as much of your time as possible working on it. You also should reach out to the many resources provided for you here at Ohio University. Whatever your startup idea may be, it’s going to take a lot of hard work. However, don’t let this discourage you. If you try your hardest and reach out to those that can help you, you will be able to make your startup dream a reality.


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