Course Highlight: MGT 3730: Entrepreneurial Business Consulting


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Taught by Paul Mass, Associate Director for the Center for Entrepreneurship, this course focuses on applied learning. Students will be assigned to work with a real business and will conduct background research, analyze the client’s situation, and make recommendations on how to address the problem. This course is intended to enhance analytical skills while giving students the opportunity to apply business and academic concepts to a real world situation. Students also see an improvement in report writing, presentation skills, client interpretation skills, and most importantly team management skills. This course is more project based where the students work in small groups to undertake two consulting projects for either new ventures or existing companies. For additional guidance, the groups can meet with Professor Mass to discuss their progress or any questions they may have.


Throughout the semester, each student will be put into a team to complete two consulting projects. Professor Mass will work directly with the clients to create a write-up that will be given to the group that is assigned to that client. The write-up will consist of information about the client and what the client is asking of the students. It also describes what work will need to be done and how it should be delivered. After gathering information throughout the semester, the groups will then have to pudqo0cqdeliver both a mid-semester and final report. These reports will be given to both Professor Mass and the client. An example of a client a student may have to work with would be DeliverTHAT, a college based food delivery service. The students that work with this client would be more focused on things like brand exposure and how to expand the client’s business. Although the client will be different for each group, they will all essentially be asking the same questions.

Course Goal

The main goal of this class is to teach students how to directly apply the information they learn in the classroom into real world situations that they may come across. The real benefit of taking this class is the fact that the students will be working with real businesses that want real answers. It teaches students that if your boss is asking you a specific question, you must be able to provide them with a specific answer. Students will also learn time management skills and the importance of teamwork.

Professor Mass said,” I think the hardest part for students is the process of taking what they learn and applying it in their field. Students can easily repeat back to you the information they have learned in class. They just struggle when it comes to taking that information and putting it to use. That’s why I like teaching this class the way I do. I’m here to guide the students and show them what it takes to be successful in the real world.”

Entrepreneurial Business Consulting is a great class to take if you’re looking for a different kind of learning experience. This is due to the fact that students taking this class will be directly applying the information they learn in the classroom to real world situations. They will be learning the skills necessary to be successful in the consulting field as well as skills that will be beneficial throughout their life. This class is definitely recommended to not only those who want to be a consultant, but also to those individuals who wish to gain experience when dealing with real world situations.

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