Entrepreneur Spotlight

Logan Koshenka

Logan Koshenka’s story as an entrepreneur is different than most. He began by playing football for the University of Tulsa as a walk-on. Unfortunately, his football career ended after multiple injuries. Still wanting to keep his career related to sports, he became a personal trainer. Koshenka first got the taste of entrepreneurship when he created his first startup, Cavkosh, at 19 years old. Cavkosh was created to connect users, who had questions, with experts in nearly any field. A few months after creating his first startup, Koshenka was accepted into Drapers University. Drapers University has been labeled as a Startup Bootcamp due to it’s different style of education. It’s intended to really push individuals to their limits so that way they will only put their best effort into their projects. Koshenka felt that Drapers University allowed him to think bigger.

“I’m from Bellaire, OH which is super small, so being in the heart of Silicon Valley, seeing driverless cars, virtual reality, and hearing about all these crazy ideas really just broadened my horizon.” It also allowed him to work alongside of many talented individuals, as well as hear from some of the big names in entrepreneurship,” he said.

In his previous startup, he had to rely mostly on developers to make any progress. His goal was to become more self-reliant, and the best way for him to do that was to learn how to code. So he started small and set aside time each day where he would just practice coding. After enough practice and tutorials, Koshenka decided to branch off and create something different. Using the skill he had learned from digital design, he created his very own game.

“Perfect 10 was really a get my feet wet project. It was really just to say that I had an app on the App Store.” Although it was more of a learning experience for Koshenka, Perfect 10 had huge success and initially had over 10,000 downloads in the first week of release. Now it has grown to over 100,000 downloads overall,” Koshenka said.

Koshenka has recently been working on a new project, one that he plans on releasing this fall. Although he wants to keep the identity of the project a secret, he did tell me a few details.

“Without giving too much away, it’s a social app and I think it’ll be pretty popular here at Ohio University. It’s something that I really wanted to see exist, so I got to work and began building it this summer.”

Koshenka admits that he never really took Perfect 10 seriously because it was a game. He seems very excited about his upcoming project because it will be an actual business.

Koshenka has a bright future ahead of him, no matter what he does. He loves coding, entrepreneurship and plans on mixing the two together throughout his future endeavors. He also loves being here in Athens, Ohio. He thinks this a great place to release an app because of the supportive community.

Although tech used to be claimed by Silicon Valley, startup communities are beginning to pop up all around the country.

“This state is very special to me, and it’s a personal goal of mine to own a successful company while keeping it headquartered in Ohio,” Koshenka said.

So if you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, follow Koshenka’s example. After putting in enough hard work and you will be rewarded.


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