Start Getting Excited for Startup Weekend

By: Terry Plant-Collins

Startup Weekend is an event held by the Innovation Center, geared towards helping individuals develop a startup. Participants of the event pitch their ideas on Friday October 21st and then spend the remainder of the weekend forming teams and refining their initial ideas. The participants will be working alongside professional coaches to practice for their final presentation given on Sunday October 23rd. The participants will present their refined ideas to a panel of five judges. Awards will be given to the top three presentations. In addition to the competition, the participants will have the privilege of hearing a speech from Dr. Christopher Crawford, Assistant Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship in the College of Business.

Here is some more information on each of the judges:

Rob Painter

Rob Painter is the Managing Director and Technologist at Razor’s Edge Ventures. Razor’s Edge seeks to fund startup tech companies that focus mainly in the cyber security sector. They always seek to work towards the advancement of technology, especially in regards to national security. Prior to joining Razor’s Edge, Painter worked for Google as a Business Product Manager. There he focused mainly on supporting and providing technologies. Painter’s history includes several advisory roles that focus on strategic, tactical, and operational objectives within numerous law enforcement agencies.

Vic Matta

Vic Matta is an Associate Professor in Management Information Systems in the College of Business. He is recognized for his student engagement techniques. They are known to be flexible to inspire learning in the complex subjects that Matta teaches. Matta loves analysis, human reasoning and teaching most of all.

Bob Silva

A director in the Tech Transfer Office, Robert Silva has over 25 years of experience in senior level positions, dealing with technology development, technology commercialization, and general company management. He is responsible for administration, coordination, protection and disposition of all intellectual property and technology commercialization matters. He also provides support to the business incubators here at Ohio University, as well as assists the offices of Research and Sponsored Programs and Research Compliance.

Carol Clark

Carol Clark is a Business Consultant with more than 30 years of experience with online education, software development, and professional services. She is strategically focused with demonstrated leadership abilities. Her skills include, but are not limited to: financial analysis, capital procurement, investor relations, profit improvement, and technology management.

Jennifer L’Heureux

Local artist and entrepreneur, Jennifer L’Heureux is the proud owner of Nelsonville Emporium. Her dream came true in 2002 when she first opened her studio. It spent it’s first 10 years as Nelsonville Pottery and Gifts, which featured work from dozens of artists and many locally made gifts. With a new name, the Emporium has its eyes set on the future. The name change was to show that the store didn’t just focus on pottery, but many different types of goods.


If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or are simply looking to create a startup, Startup Weekend may be for you. Even if you aren’t looking to participate, Startup Weekend will be a great place to find out more information about the in’s and out’s of starting a business. Startup Weekend kicks off on Friday October 21st at 6pm at the Innovation Center. More information and the schedule for the event can be found here:


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