Join us October 11th for the Food Truck Round-Up!


You may be asking yourself, “What is a food truck round-up?” This is an event where the owners of the many food trucks located throughout Athens come together and talk about what it takes to succeed in their line of business. You will be hearing from the owners of Burrito Buggy, Holy Guacamole, Ali Babas, and Petru. Here is some information about the owners of these fine establishments:

Burrito Buggy

Marla Rutter was a freshman when she first got hooked on the Burrito Buggy. She is an Athens native, and graduated from Ohio University with a degree in Musical Therapy. In 2010 the Burrito Buggy nearly closed, but Rutter stepped in to save the truck she had always loved. Rutter quit her job as and insurance saleswoman to operate the Buggy full time. Since then she has expanded upon the original menu and also purchased a second Buggy for special events.

Holy Guacamole

Rudy and Evelyn Nagy, from Chauncey, launched their business back in August of 2012. Rudy, originally from Guatemala, has experience in cooking Mexican, Italian, Chinese, and Japanese cuisine. His dream is to eventually open up a sit-down restraint in the Plains. Evelyn is a caseworker for the Rural Women’s Recovery Program during the day. In the evening and on weekends, she helps her husband run the truck.

Ali Baba’s

Nisar Shaikh started Ali Baba’s back in 1988, making it the oldest single family trailer on the vending row. Shaikh was born in British Colonized India in 1944. He has lived in England, Italy and Libya. He now holds bachelor’s degrees in Economics and Political Science and a master’s in Industrial Engineering, all from Ohio University. Originally having a hard time finding a job, he decided to make his own food truck from scratch. He and his wife, Brenda, used a box trailer and a pile of recyclables to create what is now known as Ali Baba’s. They specialize in the sale of Mediterranean cuisine, specifically gyros.


Stacy Peters has lived in Athens since 2005. Back in 2010 she started a chocolate business named O’Chocolate which sold truffles at the farmer’s market. She expanded upon that by wholesaling chocolate bars in stores all over Athens and Columbus. Since food trucks had always been fascinating to her, she decided to start her own. Thus Petru was launched in February of 2016. She had help from a crew of people to gut and rebuild the inside of a 2007 step van, turning it into a certified kitchen

To conclude, this event is open to anyone who wants to hear from the owners of the famous food trucks from Athens. We look forward to seeing you there!


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