Calling all Number Gurus

Alley’s is looking to hire a new finance associate. If you have a background in both finance and entrepreneurship and consider yourself a “paper chaser” you already meet all of the requirements. Read the job description below to find out more.

“We are looking for someone incredible to join our team! If being a paper chaser is what you live, eat, breathe, sleep, day and night then Alley’s Finance Associate role is for you. You will be assisting Alley management with timely and accurate information (betta have my money), management of the financial processes (it’s all about the benjamins), as well as assisting the CFO with preparation of the monthly financial reporting package (being a BOSS, but also get to work with boss man).

Under pressure, you rally. When bombs are dropped, you are calm and you are focused. For this person, knowing the numbers and process is bliss, disorder is opportunity. No task is too small, no challenge is too great. You attack each day with a proactive and positive attitude. You’re basically, a G.”

Learn more:



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