Go with GinkGo

2016-09-01 (2)The Burgundy School of Business invites you to the first ever GinkGo. GinkGo is a new Entrepreneurship program in Dijon, France from January 9th to the 20th. These two weeks consist of two modules lasting a week each. They will focus on Creative Mindset and Entrepreneurial Leadership and Design Thinking and Entrepreneurs. The modules offer lessons inside the classroom as well as  35 hours of real work experience.

Students will learn Entrepreneurship concepts, Creativity and Leadership through seminars, creativity workshops and horse coaching. The Design Thinking and Entrepreneurs module lead by certified coaches will give students the opportunity to work with external user groups outside the classroom and eventually design a prototype. The 2-week program aims to enable students to gain new perspective, and acquire invaluable skills that will allow them to make positive and constructive progress in these areas. This program offers something for everyone. By the end of the program, they will have earned 8 ECTS/4 US credits and will be awarded a completion certificate. For more information check out this link: TEG and Ginkgo presentation

Interested? Click here!

Questions? E-mail Nathalie Cureau at nathalie.cureau-pillet@escdijon.eu

2016-09-01 (3)


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