Ohio University receives Deshpande Symposium award for technology commercialization excellence

via The Compass

“The Ohio University Technology Transfer Office received the Deshpande Symposium’s Exemplary Practice in Technology Commercialization Award at a ceremony held this week in Lowell, Mass.

The university’s technology commercialization entry “best exemplified a program that helps accelerate innovations from the laboratory and research into commercialization across an institution,” according to the Deshpande Symposium’s awards committee.

The Deshpande Symposium on Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Higher Education brought together more than 300 university researchers, administrators and students with industry partners and leaders of venture incubators and foundations this week at the UMass Lowell Inn & Conference Center. Participants in the fifth annual event—founded by UMass Lowell and the Deshpande Foundation—shared best practices, successes and challenges in implementing entrepreneurial education and action into all aspects of campus life. Individuals, colleges and universities that are at the vanguard of promoting entrepreneurship were recognized for their accomplishments with awards during the conference.”

The Center for Entrepreneurship encourages any student, graduate or undergraduate, to seek out the assistance of the university tech transfer office on campus, located at the Innovation Center. It is an amazing asset of the university and can greatly assist in the speed of commercialization.




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