Local Entrepreneurial Trade Show

04-20-16 MGT 3700 Trade Show-16.jpg

Students from Ohio University’s Introduction to Entrepreneurship class all took place in an on campus trade show this past semester. This event took place in the Bobcat Student Lounge in Baker University Center on April 20 from 2pm to 4pm.

There were a host of student entrepreneurs showcasing their ideas. From Tristen Phipps’ “Sugar Tree Sweets” to the students who showed off “What2Do” a smartphone application. All the students were met by judges who gave valuable feedback and helped to identify key areas of success and improvement for the students. The students were also subject to extra interest from students who circulated through Baker Univeristy Center.

The judges for the event were Faith Knutsen (TechGrowth), John Glazer (TechGrowth), Paul Benedict (Center for Entrepreneurship), Michele Migliuolo (TechGrowth), and Lee Groeschl (TechGrowth). Also, Luke Pittaway (Center for Entrepreneurship) attended the event, and provided feedback to the teams.

04-20-16 MGT 3700 Trade Show-19


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