Student team Vaylenx wins $5,000 award at TCU Competition

VayLenx Logo BlackAt the beginning of April Noah Rosenblatt, Morgan Stanley, and Kate Clausen traveled to Texas Christian University to compete in the Values and Ventures Business Plan competition.

Vaylenx is run by CEO Noah Rosenblatt, CFO David Bartizal, COO Morgan Stanely, and CCO Kate Clausen. Their product, CNP-1, is an environmentally friendly, affordable, effective solution to mosquito spread diseases that claim over 1 million lives every year.

At TCU, Vaylenx was recognized with the Founder’s Award which recognizes the most inspirational project with the largest impact. We cannot wait to see what they do in the future. Read the full story here!


Ohio Team to TCU Values and Ventures Competition

Good luck to our team headed to the Texas ChristiaVaylenxn University Values and Ventures business plan competition! The company, Vaylenx, is competing for $25,000 in the competition that’s tag line is “Do well while doing good.”

Vaylenx is presenting their CNP-1 product, a nanoparticle larvicide that kills mosquitoes.

Mosquito spread diseases kill over 1 million people every year, and Vaylenx wants to change that number with their solution. CNP-1 is cheap to produce, long lasting, and environmentally-friendly solution to save lives all over the world.

Wish them luck as they compete this Friday and Saturday!