Creating an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Entre EcosystemEntrepreneurship is a powerful force in the world. It can be seen in big corporations like Google, local startups like our own Jackie O’s, and even social entrepreneurship ventures like TOMS.

Here at Ohio University, we are growing our Entrepreneurship profile one inspired student at a time. The Center, started just over 2 years ago, already boasts strong accomplishments and is garnering interest from the most ambitious and creative students. Last year we even won the 2015 Outstanding Emerging Entrepreneurship Program from the USASBE (which is a big deal), but we are not stopping there. Increasing our development, engaging more students, and growing our clubs are just a few of the goals of our transformative program.

Have you heard about the Bobcat Launchpad? It is one of our premier programs that offers the chance to win $25,000, and you can be a part of it. Check out this article that explains it more.

Not only are the faculty working hard towards excellence, but the students are dedicated to creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem on campus. Check out this article about two students that are working hard to make this a reality.


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