Congratulations to Enactus! The Walmart Women’s Economic Empowerment Project

Enactus-Full-ColorCongratulations to Enactus for being awarded a $1,500 grant for a Walmart Women’s Economic Empowerment project. This project will help single mothers in the Athens area, a population that is heavily affected by poverty. In Athens County 66.2% of female-headed households with children are below the poverty line, and Enactus is going to use the Walmart Women’s Economic Empowerment to provide workforce development training to that population.
Enactus plans to create a cohousing community for mothers and their children to live for a year. This wonderful opportunity will allow mothers to collaborate and empower each other in a productive environment. With the support of other parties around Athens, Enactus will make a huge impact on the lives of single mothers in the area. The program will also provide job training sessions and opportunities to receive mentoring to strengthen their soft skills and help enable them to find jobs. In addition, Enactus OU will provide training and mentoring through students in order to encourage these women to pursue their paths, which could lead to even higher economic success.



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