Allegheny Region Cleantech University Prize Collegiate Competition

File your statement of intent by December 15th to compete for the $50,000 first place prize. Renewable energy and energy efficiency are the focus of this competition sponsored by the Department of Energy. For more information follow this link! 

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Baylor New Venture Challenge

BaylorDeadline to apply to the Baylor New Venture Challenge is quickly approaching! Turn in an executive summary November 8th to enter the first round of the competition. The top 12 finalists will move on to the final round on February 25th -27th to compete for the top business plan prize of $50,000!

If you have a new venture, submit your executive summary for a chance to participate in this amazing opportunity.

  • Open to graduate and undergraduate students- all majors, all universities
  • $137,000 in cash, plus valuable prizes for the top 12 teams
  • Expert mentorship, feedback, and coaching – an outstanding educational opportunity!
  • We provide up to $1,500 in travel funds

Congratulations to Enactus! The Walmart Women’s Economic Empowerment Project

Enactus-Full-ColorCongratulations to Enactus for being awarded a $1,500 grant for a Walmart Women’s Economic Empowerment project. This project will help single mothers in the Athens area, a population that is heavily affected by poverty. In Athens County 66.2% of female-headed households with children are below the poverty line, and Enactus is going to use the Walmart Women’s Economic Empowerment to provide workforce development training to that population.
Enactus plans to create a cohousing community for mothers and their children to live for a year. This wonderful opportunity will allow mothers to collaborate and empower each other in a productive environment. With the support of other parties around Athens, Enactus will make a huge impact on the lives of single mothers in the area. The program will also provide job training sessions and opportunities to receive mentoring to strengthen their soft skills and help enable them to find jobs. In addition, Enactus OU will provide training and mentoring through students in order to encourage these women to pursue their paths, which could lead to even higher economic success.


Venture Cafe – Crowdfunding

You do not want to miss this next Venture Cafe. Make your way up to the Innovation Center this Friday at 11:30am to learn about crowd funding. This topic is important for any entrepreneur looking to raise money. We cannot wait to see you there!


UPDATE: Check out the full video here!

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2nd Annual VentureNext Awards


Rev1 Ventures invites the best and brightest of Ohio University to their second annual VentureNext awards. Join them to celebrate the entrepreneurial activity around Columbus Ohio’s startup scene. Also, You will have the opportunity to meet with inspiring entrepreneurs and network. You can see for yourself how Entrepreneurship Inspires.

For students, there is a reduced ticket price of $15 so that you can afford to attend. When you register, just select the “entrepreneur and student” option.

The event is Thursday, October 22, at the LC Pavilion. Join them for an entertaining evening, because this an event you do not want to miss.


Do you like crickets? Entrepreneurs see them as a healthy opportunity.

Jason Schuster with the crickets.

Doesn’t a cricket stuffed granola bar sound yummy? How about sautéed crickets?

OU Alum, Jason Schuster, thinks this is an idea we should all get behind. “Bugs are the food of the future,” he said. And it is a future he wants to have a large part in.

When Jason was still in his undergraduate degree in marketing, he found inspiration from a TEDTalk by Marcel Dicke.

In this talk, Dicke lays out the compelling argument that we need to start eating insects. They are abundant, healthy, and cost effective—to name just a few reasons. Dicke’s passion for this topic inspired Jason to start a small company that sold cricket granola bars at the Athens Farmers’ Market. His entrepreneurial spirit already peaked, he took an entrepreneurship class. He loved the content but didn’t have any interest in being the CEO of a company. After school he went abroad to China to teach English, putting his passion and interest for the bugs on the backburner for a few years.

BCFMeanwhile a company called Big Cricket Farms was forming in the United States. Kevin Bachhuber had returned from a trip to Thailand where he was introduced to crickets as a food option, and really enjoyed them! After his arrival in the States, Kevin was curious when he found out that it was near impossible to get crickets back home. A few years before, the UN Food and Agriculture report on the necessity of the world population eating bugs was published making a worldwide splash on the subject.

That is what lead to Bachhuber founding the inspirational Big Cricket Farms. In 2010 the startup began in Sacramento, CA, but has since moved to Youngstown, OH. Big Cricket Farms wants to contribute both to the environment and to the community in which it is based. Youngstown, a city with the average family income over $20,000 less per year than the average in Ohio, needs economic development. Big Cricket Farms wants to contribute to the revitalization of this community.

Jason has loved his time at with this company. Working in a startup provides the opportunity to learn a lot of skills very quickly. He described his job as the guy who “catches things that are falling,” working in every capacity to contribute to the farm. He hopes that Big Cricket Farms can establish the industry in America, and move on to consulting with people on how to start their own farms. As a former teacher, Jason wants to move into staff training and curriculum development to build skills and create a sustainable ecosystem for the production and selling of insects.

His time at OU was cherished, and he would extend the offer to any interested Bobcat to apply for an opportunity. His time with the excited professors at OU, who challenged and supported him, created a legacy of leadership and entrepreneurship that Jason has carried on to improve the world through his efforts with Big Cricket Farms.

Want more information? Check out these interviews that have been done about this great company:

Jason is proof that Entrepreneurship Inspires. What will it inspire you to do?