GenFKD’s “Art of the Pitch”

GenFKD at Ohio University will be hosting workshop for students that involves three up-and-coming entrepreneurs. Alexander Mendeluk (ABC’s Shark Tank), Bob Dalton (Sackcloth & Ashes), and Cody DeJardin (Perspectives Global) will serve as mentors and will discuss their experience, along with giving advice to other budding entrepreneurs at OU. Topics will include, but are not limited to, the stories behind the entrepreneurs’ businesses, challenges to achieving their goals and an in-depth look at the “art of the pitch.”

GenFKD fellow Tony Piccioni will lead an engaging fireside chat. The mentors will work with groups in an exciting breakout activity. And the audience will get to form “off-the-cuff” business that they will pitch. Don’t miss this fun opportunity to engage will inspiring entrepreneurs!


Wednesday, April 15th 

7:30pm – 9pm  

Baker Theater



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