Successful Startup Weekend!

Photo Credit: Startup Weekend Facebook page

Photo Credit: Startup Weekend Facebook page

The Center for Entrepreneurship sponsored Startup Weekend, and we are happy to say the event was a success! An exciting, fast paced weekend, there were 32 attendees bustling around pitching upwards of 20 plus ideas with 8 total sponsors supporting this amazing event.

This 54 hour event centers on developing an idea with potential. Teams are formed around ideas, and startups are formed around ideas. The weekend is full of excitement and innovation. There are hundreds of Startup Weekends held around world each year. Ohio University’s Innovation Center hosts the Athens event, which attracts amazingly talented individuals each time.

A panel of judges vote on which idea to award the top prize. Subbit, the newest winner, was awarded $3,635. This business would connect people looking to sublease with people looking for subleasers and facilitate secure payment. Subbit’s creators are Phillip Cook, Drew Harper, David Alexander, Yonry Zhu and Marcus Yeagle.

The second place went to a Smart Headband which would alert athletes to potential concussions in real time and was awarded $1,920. And the third place was awarded to Job Flirt which connects millennials with employers that want to hire them and was awarded $670.

Check out the next Startup Weekend! For more information check out the article from the Office of Research Communications and from the Athens Messenger.



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