Become an Emerging Leader!

The College of Business boasts multiple impressive leadership opportunities. However, to increase student involvement and access, another program is being added! Check out the new Emerging Leaders program that will be offered next year. Don’t miss out on this transformational opportunity to get involved at Ohio University. The College describes this program as “a new academic program offered to students with good academic performance (approximately 3.0 or higher) combined with an interest in growing their leadership and career portfolio.” The specifics are as follows:

  • One-year program targeted to current sophomores beginning their junior year. Current juniors may be considered if they recently transferred into the college.
  • The goal is to provide students who missed admission to other selective programs or recently transferred, the opportunity to participate in a selective program focused on career and leadership development.
  • Students selected will participate in a two-credit hour course each semester next year.
  • Students will also be expected to be actively engaged in the speaker series and other out-of-class opportunities offered.
  • Candidates for Emerging Leaders cannot be part of Select Leaders, HTC, or the College of Business Honors program.

If you are interested, please keep your eye out for upcoming information via email.


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