Ohio University Consulting Fellows Update


The Ohio University Consulting Fellow seniors Kathryn McDermott, Hayden Humphrey, Nicholas Ferrara, Kailey Copelin, and Nicole Byrne, went on a four-day trip to Silicon Valley and San Francisco, California in early January. Dr. Luke Pittaway and Jen Simon went with the Senior Fellows on this trip, and David Pidwell helped them plan the trip. The group left Ohio on Tuesday and arrived safely in San Jose by that evening. The next day the group went with David Pidwell on various company visits, starting with Xactly Corp. in the morning, meeting with the CEO and OU alumni that work there. The group then went to Apple headquarters to meet with three OU alumni that work in various departments for the company. After that, everyone got to enjoy lunch with Google employees and go on a tour of Googleplex. From there they traveled to Facebook HQ for a tour and to learn more about working there. The group ended the day at David Pidwell’s home for a nice dinner with Mike Folgner, a serial entrepreneur, as well as Dean Hugh Sherman and Jess Steel.IMG_0339

The next day the Fellows spent in San Francisco going on company visits to Twitter and Zynga, meeting with OU alum and learning more about the company work life. On Thursday evening Jess Steel planned a networking event with multiple OU alum that live in the area so that the Senior Fellows could meet with them and hear about their stories and adventures to California. The following day the group wrapped up with a networking and breakfast event at Ernst & Young, spent some time exploring the area, and then got on a late flight back to Ohio. Overall, the trip was an amazing experience, the Senior Fellows were able to network with a variety of people and OU alumni, see some amazing company headquarters, and learn a lot about the area and post-grad life.


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