An Innovative Sponge?


How is a sponge is one of the show Shark Tank greatest success stories? Why? How did the re-imagination of the sponge lead to such a successful business?

Well the sponge daddy’s inventor Aaron Krause shared his eight tips with Neil Palmer at Yahoo.

  1. Start your idea from scratch
  2. Spot the upcoming trends
  3. Consider your pain points
  4. Know your customers
  5. Don’t forget the details
  6. Scale your product
  7. Find the right partner
  8. Find expansion opportunities

Check out the full article here for an explanation of each of these tips.

The scrub daddy: more than a sponge, this smiley sponge is a revolutionary cleaning device that swept the Shark Tank stage. This little guy quickly became a hit. If you’re looking for a Christmas/Hanukah/Kwanza/Winter Solstice/other gift this year, would you ever think of buying a sponge? Check out this very cool demonstration, and you might want to consider it!

Do you have any tips to fellow entrepreneurs?



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