What is the Social Storm Hackathon?

Ohio University is involved this year in the Social Storm Hackathon. All individuals interested in global social issues are invited to apply. No coding experience necessary, just a passionate problem solving attitude.

What is the Social Storm Hackathon?

Social Storm is an event where individuals from all across the world gather together during a 24-hour period to engage in a problem solving simulation. Similar to the Global Health Challenge or Scripps Innovation Challenge; however, the Social Storm takes place over only 24 hours. This means there is a very finite amount of time to brainstorm the solution and solve the problem. Individuals work in a collaborative environment with cross-disciplinary team members to solve the problems. Anyone with a socially aware or responsible mindset and a problem solving aptitude is encouraged to participate. No coding or programming knowledge is necessary.

What types of problems?

Social Storm focuses on socially minded individuals who are looking to solve global social issues and “positively impact the world”. The solutions are typically innovative and collaborative. Social Storm prides themselves on connecting high talent, but rather untapped individuals with one another.

What is a ‘Hackathon’?

A traditional hackathon is an event in which programmers, coders and designers are brought together for a short amount of time to work together, collaboratively on intense software projects. The term hackathon has since been adapted and used for a variety of types of events in order to demonstrate the short term intensive nature of the event.

I don’t know coding nor programming, can I still participate?

Since social storm is not a Hackathon in a traditional sense of the word. All individuals with a passion to brainstorm solutions for global issues are welcome to participate. The aspects of the Social Storm which are similar to that of a Hackathon are the intensive environment and the time crunch. Individuals will only have 24 hours to complete the three challenges. This does not mean you are awake or working for 24 straight hours, more that you have a start and an end time; what you do with that time is up to you.

How do I sign up?

If you’re interested you can sign up as an individual and be placed in a team. If you already have a team you can register as well as a pre-existing team. There will be refreshments and a collaborative working space set up for participants during the 24 hour period; however, participants are not required to stay in the allotted location.

Universities represented in 2014 Social Storm Hackathon

Loughborough University | University of Tasmania | University of East Anglia | Plymouth University | University of Exeter | University of Turku| Cape Brenton University | American University of Sarjah | Chongqing University | Ohio University



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