OUE visits the Brandery

Cintric, HireWheel, Keego, Lagoon, MusicPlay Analytics, popad, these are just some of the companies supported by Cincinnati’s own Brandery. The Brandery is a startup accelerator that helps take your idea and turn it into a brand-driven startup. As one of the top programs in the United States, the Brandery has a lot to offer startups.

Ohio University students took advantage of the opportunity to visit this impressive organization on October 23rd. The Ohio University Entrepreneurship (OUE) took twelve students to watch these startups pitch their ideas to the public. OUE (a great organization for interested entrepreneurs) was there to learn about the process of making a business happen from the ground up. Entrepreneurs face a lot of challenges, and organizations like the Brandery help overcome those challenges.

As the president of OUE, Alex Harshaw, said, “When beginning an entrepreneurial pursuit, you are faced with difficult questions with complicated answers. Your objective might seem out of reach because of numerous initial obstacles. Many people have ideas that could change the world, but let them devolve because they lacked the guidance and support. There is no reason you should have to take that journey alone.”

The Brandery helps entrepreneurs so that they don’t have to go it alone. This type of partnership and mentorship is very important to the success of the new startup companies.

If you are interested in growing and developing your ideas, check out some of the resources the Brandery offers. There are events, workshops, and speakers. If you are selected for their four-month-long program you will receive $20,000 in seed funding, great mentors, exceptional design assistance, and the opportunity to pitch to investors and venture capitalists. This could be a way to make your dreams come true. This truly is an opportunity to be limitless.


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