Spotlight: Dr. Boss

Dr. Boss is a new faculty for the Center for Entrepreneurship. We are highlighting him in our spotlight series to show the different facets and assets of this center. If you want more information at the center check out this link. The Certificate in Entrepreneurship is a new, flexible way to get involved in entrepreneurship that will help you be successful for in your future career.

Dr. Boss is a resource for the Center for Entrepreneurship. His experience with entrepreneurship has been varied and interesting. He grew up with a father that was an entrepreneur, he started a nonprofit firm during his undergraduate studies, he worked for two startups, he earned his MBA at Babson College, and he earned his Ph.D. in Strategy and Entrepreneurship at Texas A&M.  Indeed, entrepreneurship has played a huge role in his life.

His undergraduate nonprofit was inspired from the two years he spent in Brazil. While there, he witnessed the educational struggles that many people face in third-world countries. He brought these ideas and his desire to help others back to the U.S. and started an educational assistance foundation.

He continued to develop his skills at Babson College—the nation’s top entrepreneurship school. This program really pushed him to be creative and not worry about “the perfect idea.” One interesting exercise conducted by the college was to place the students in modules to stretch their creativity. Dr. Boss’s group was placed in the “movement” module, which meant that he had to do a project centered on dance—a far cry from finance and accounting!!

“Try new things.”

“Think new ways.”

“It is very inexpensive to try something new now.

These are just a few of Dr. Boss’s words of wisdom. He demonstrates a great deal of intensity and possesses great resources to help students. He wants the students he works with to know that he is there to help them be successful—not just as a professor handing out grades.

Although he started out wanting to catch passes from John Elway on the Denver Broncos, today Dr. Boss loves the freedom of entrepreneurship. He is a great resource, and if you are interested in working with him, shoot him an email at


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