Spotlight: Alex Harshaw

The entrepreneurship students are the greatest example of why the entrepreneurship program is great. We want to highlight them in our spotlight series to show how awesome and diverse they are.

“Anybody that is willing to go against the grain. Anybody that is willing to take a leap of faith into something that has no insurance of success, because they believe in it. [Entrepreneur] is just a professional word for risk taker.”

This is how Alex Harshaw defines Entrepreneur. As a senior studying Media Arts in the Scripps College of Communication, Alex knows that he has to love what he does. As a kid he didn’t really have things figured out, but he thought he wanted to be an actor. His grandmother ran a theater house, and he would attend her shows. That is where he found his inspiration. Later he followed more of his parents’ path, but he has kept passion in his work.

He chose to pursue the Certificate in Entrepreneurship because he wants to be prepared. He wants to have the option of starting his own business, and he knows he needs some sort of business background to do so.

That is the dream, owning his own company. Right after school he wants to get involved with a startup or a design firm. As a web designer he needs the practical experience to make connections and build a portfolio. He dreams of one day being in his office finding the next big thing so that he can make it even bigger.

His advice to students: learn to program. Both front end development and back end development are in demand, and the demand is growing. “There are tons of resources online,” he told me. He believes this is a critical skill to have for the future.

From the seats of his grandmother’s theater house to the seats of Copeland hall, Alex is excitedly preparing for a future career. We wish him the best of luck in his future ventures.

Do you want to prepare for your future? To start a business or freelance your skills? Find out more about the certificate here. Don’t forget, the possibilities are limitless.


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