Spotlight: Alex Harshaw

The entrepreneurship students are the greatest example of why the entrepreneurship program is great. We want to highlight them in our spotlight series to show how awesome and diverse they are.

“Anybody that is willing to go against the grain. Anybody that is willing to take a leap of faith into something that has no insurance of success, because they believe in it. [Entrepreneur] is just a professional word for risk taker.”

This is how Alex Harshaw defines Entrepreneur. As a senior studying Media Arts in the Scripps College of Communication, Alex knows that he has to love what he does. As a kid he didn’t really have things figured out, but he thought he wanted to be an actor. His grandmother ran a theater house, and he would attend her shows. That is where he found his inspiration. Later he followed more of his parents’ path, but he has kept passion in his work.

He chose to pursue the Certificate in Entrepreneurship because he wants to be prepared. He wants to have the option of starting his own business, and he knows he needs some sort of business background to do so.

That is the dream, owning his own company. Right after school he wants to get involved with a startup or a design firm. As a web designer he needs the practical experience to make connections and build a portfolio. He dreams of one day being in his office finding the next big thing so that he can make it even bigger.

His advice to students: learn to program. Both front end development and back end development are in demand, and the demand is growing. “There are tons of resources online,” he told me. He believes this is a critical skill to have for the future.

From the seats of his grandmother’s theater house to the seats of Copeland hall, Alex is excitedly preparing for a future career. We wish him the best of luck in his future ventures.

Do you want to prepare for your future? To start a business or freelance your skills? Find out more about the certificate here. Don’t forget, the possibilities are limitless.


Throwback: Student Org. started a bartending class

I don’t know about you, but if OU offered a bartending class I would sign up. Well when Chris Good, Debbi Brock, Heather McNally Miklo and Wendy Wigton Reinhart were here in the late 80s, their club, Association for Collegiate Entrepreneurs, started one. With the university’s approval they partnered with the C.I. where one of their bartenders taught the class. No wonder C.I. is the business bar, and can you imagine President McDavis hearing that one of the student organizations was sponsoring a bartending class? Well, they did, and at one point they made $8,000 at $45 a person for the class. This class was quite the success, and it actually served as a tool to teach about alcohol awareness and safety (they used colored water to “make drinks”, not alcohol). Personally, I would like to see this come back.

These former students were majoring in Small Business Entrepreneurship, similar to our current Entrepreneurship major. At the time, Ohio University was the only one to have this type of major, but for some reason it was cut a few years later.

Debbi, who attended from 1986-1989, was the secretary of the Association for Collegiate Entrepreneurs. She would then become president, even with the boys encouraging her to not run (very different times). From there, she went on to work for the International Headquarters of the Association for Collegiate Entrepreneurs and became the first female executive director in 1991. This trailblazer for women everywhere was working in the field of entrepreneurship that was 80% male at the time. Actually, the field is still predominately male. The semester after Debbi graduated, Heather McNally Miklo and Wendy Wigton Reinhart got the class off the ground.

Debbi attributes her success to not making the basketball team here at OU. She took that energy and invested it in entrepreneurship. Now she is in academia. She, as well as many others, understand that the skills learned through entrepreneurship are incredibly important to creating opportunities for success. Having the basic business acumen to handle different ventures, ideas, and even freelancing your skills creates possibilities that are limitless.

Spotlight: Dr. Crawford

Dr. Crawford has been at Ohio University for two years now. He started off here as a visiting professor, but he is now here in the more permanent position of Assistant Professor of Strategic Management. We are highlighting him in our spotlight series to show the different facets and assets of this department. If you want more information on the center check out this link. The Certificate in Entrepreneurship is a new, flexible way to get involved in entrepreneurship that will help you be successful in your future career.

Dr. Crawford truly brings a unique perspective to the field, and his passion, energy and curiosity is absolutely contagious. Self-described as being “raised by wolves and circus people,” he comes from a very interesting past and has become a very interesting person.

“Entrepreneurship is the creation of new order. It’s about creating companies, about creating new wealth. It’s about trying new things.” That is how Dr. Crawford defines entrepreneurship. The aspect he loves most about entrepreneurship (and his job) is the autonomy—the ability to pick and choose projects based on personal skills and motivation.

After finding a role model and supporter in an English teacher (a lady much like Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society), he decided to follow her path and attend school to become a teacher. As a junior at the University of Toledo, where he also played basketball, he was approached by the Dean of the business school at his university who offered him this advice: you can write in any profession, but in business you can make some money doing it. Following that advice, he went on to get an MBA in marketing from Miami University. While in school he started a company (with a logo that suspiciously looks a lot like the cover of the first Twilight novel) called Red Apple consulting. During this time he was also a nationally ranked powerlifter and body builder.

He takes inspiration from Tom Peters, one of his favorite authors, who has a mantra of “Do cool [stuff] every [darn] day” (edited for content). He really takes this to heart as seen in this video of him doing cool and dangerous stuff (including a standing back tuck and driving his RX-7 140mph). And now, that is what he studies. He is focused on studying outliers. He wants to understand why Google is Google and why Facebook is Facebook. Understanding how one becomes an outlier is a very interesting topic, and Dr. Crawford believes it has a lot to do with dedication and hard work. He believes in hard work, setting high expectations, and finding the freaks. People that are different are outliers, differences make the systems stronger.

That is how he ended up here. From being “raised by wolves and circus people” to voted Best OU Professor by the Athens Messenger, Dr. Crawford is someone you should make time to meet. He is an interesting, passionate guy that brings a lot to the program. Shoot him an email at if you want to get connected. Don’t forget that the possibilities are limitless.

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Student Spotlight: Austin Stahl

The entrepreneurship students are the greatest example of why this program is great. We want to highlight them in our spotlight series to show how awesome and diverse they are.

Graduating this spring, Austin Stahl is a senior studying Journalism. However, unlike many students outside of the College of Business he is making the effort to add entrepreneurship to his resume. This Loveland Ohio native defines “Entrepreneur” as someone who can make big things happen with few resources. He says, “They are a little bit crazy, truly believe in what they are doing and are extremely good at blocking out the haters.”

Before deciding on the Entrepreneurship Certificate, Austin knew he wanted to go into business. His first thought was to pursue a business minor, but later he decided on the Entrepreneurship Certificate. He hadn’t taken any business courses when he added the Certificate, he just knew he liked the idea and wanted the business background.

“I want to go into business and was planning to add a business minor, and then I found out about the certificate and decided to pursue that instead. I liked its flexibility and the fact that it was a little bit different than a standard business education.”

He has big dreams for his future in energy after starting off in an entry level sales or marketing position. “Ideally I will work my way up the solar industry and become the Chief Marketing Officer at a larger solar company. That or involved as a co-founder of a startup in the clean energy space. “

From wanting to be a professional athlete to wanting to be a sports writer to a blooming clean energy entrepreneur, Austin is a prime example of what entrepreneurship is. It is the ability to have options and make your opportunities limitless.