Crowdentials Rated Top Start-up in Cleveland

CrowCrowdentials started by undergraduate student Richard Rodman has been rated the number one start-up in Cleveland by TechCzar:

Crowdentials ( offers a portal to help companies raise capital and ease the burden of complying with the JOBS Act by using an automated software solution. In essence, the portal is an investor verification platform, which makes it easier for small and less sophisticated individuals to invest in companies without the company needing to worry about federal regulatory compliance. Crowdentials received initial investment from Flashstarts and has now raised a second round of funding. This is a great solution to the issue of crowd funding that enables a new generation of start-ups to get the capital they desperately need.

Richard and his team recently received an investment of $300,000, which has allowed the company to grow. Richard’s service has been requested so often that they have not been able to do anything except rebound the requests. In this rapidly growing space, Richard will expand his team to reach his goal of being the main hub for regulatory compliance software for the JOBS Act. He has already captured the largest role in the investor verification space and hopes to bring on 5 more employees and expand our customer segment by at least 200% within the next year.


OUE Wins Outstanding Student Organization Award!

Congratulations are in order for Ohio University Entrepreneurs for winning The College of Business Outstanding Student Organization Award, which goes to an organization that has made a significant impact on the Ohio University and Athens communities, provided innovative programming, excellent recruitment and and development of members, and actively supports the mission of the College.

Pictured below is OUE President Taylor Van Neste and Alex Harshaw.