Mike Kappel – “Give more than you take, and success will follow you.”

Mike KappelMike Kappel is an entrepreneur who graduated from Ohio University in 1980 with an engineering degree. As an 8-year-old, Mike told his second grade teacher, “I don’t know what I’ll be doing, but I will have my own business and I will someday be my own boss.” Knowing that he wanted to be an entrepreneur for as long as he can remember, he currently owns 5 companies (all of which he has started): Synergy Data Systems, Top Echelon Network, Top Echelon Contracting, Career Marketplace, and Patriot Software. You can visit charisholdings.com to see each company profile and learn about what each company does.

All 5 of the companies that Mr. Kappel founded have a few universal themes which stem from his passions and values. Since Patriot Software came from humble beginnings and overcame abundant obstacles, Mike has a huge heart for small businesses. All of his products and companies stem from this passion for small businesses and are geared towards helping small businesses reach their full potential. Mike says the most rewarding part about what he does is being able to help his customers, providing solutions to their problems, and being able to see his employees grow and be successful.

“I don’t know what I’ll be doing, but I will have my own business and I will someday be my own boss.”

When asked how he manages five different successful companies, Mike’s answer was simple “I’ve learned over the years to hire great people, really smart people, so then I surround myself with people who are better, brighter, smarter and faster than I am, and learn to let go of control and not micromanage them.”

Another piece of advice and something that Mike contributes most of his success to is the principle of tithing, or giving back ten percent of what you make back into your religious establishment. Mike goes above and beyond just giving back to his church, he also gives back to his customers by providing low prices and great deals. His biggest piece of advice? “Give more than you take, then success will follow.”

After talking to Mike it became clear that he loves what he does and that entrepreneurship comes naturally to him. An engineering background is an interesting asset to have as an entrepreneur, as Mike explained it helped him with thinking analytically and how to dissect problems and come up with solutions. The biggest thing Mike learned about business was that “you have to take a lot of risks in business, and you have to be comfortable taking risks.”

Mike has documented not only his business story, but also his business advice in a blog. This blog article is specifically geared towards an individual with a business idea. Check it out!

Learn more about Mike’s story and his current business ventures here: Patriot SoftwareBlogLinkedIn



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