Imgur, founded by OU alumnus Alan Schaaf, Raises $40 Million

Alan Schaaf

Alan Schaaf at February’s #OUreddit event, at which he was a guest speaker

Imgur (pronounced “image-er”) announced last Thursday that it raised $40 million from Andreessen Horowitz, which is a far, far cry from what Schaaf started with when he founded the image-sharing site back in 2009 as a tool for uploading images to Reddit.

The only money I’ve ever invested personally into the service was the $7 for the initial domain name.

Guess who else contributed some money?


Reddit, who’s founder–Alexis Ohanian–brought Schaaf with him to Ohio University’s #OUreddit event in February, “was instrumental in bolstering the site’s early traction”.

“We know those guys at Reddit, we’ve played board games with them, Settlers of Catan. But to have a real partnership on paper now is great,” says Schaaf.

In The News

Imgur’s recent funding has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and Mashable.

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