The Herbert L. Baer Prize

Honors Tutorial College

The Herbert L. Baer Prize

The Honors Tutorial College is pleased to announce the seventeenth annual Herbert L. Baer Prize Competition.  The prize was established in honor of an Honors Tutorial College alumnus, Dr. Herbert L. Baer, who was very interested in research and work that bridged traditional disciplinary boundaries, particularly those involving mathematics in some way.  The award is designed to recognize excellence and achievement in multi- or cross-disciplinary thinking.

The $1000 prize will be awarded to a selected undergraduate student at Ohio University, based on an essay submitted to the Honors Tutorial College.


Any full-time undergraduate student at Ohio University is eligible for this award.  An endorsement by a full-time faculty member at Ohio University must accompany the essay.

Application Process

Students interested in competing for the Herbert L. Baer Prize should submit an original essay or article (published or unpublished) accompanied by the cover and faculty endorsement sheets attached below directly to the Honors Tutorial College, 35 Park Place, no later than Friday, April 18, 2014, at 5:00 p.m.



Essay Requirements

Essays must have a cross-disciplinary or multi-disciplinary approach. Creative, original ideas are encouraged. The essay should accomplish one of three things:

  • It should take the tools, methods and techniques of one discipline and apply them to a problem or challenge that is normally thought of as part of another discipline in order to produce new insights.
  • It should combine the tools, methods and techniques of two different disciplines to create a truly integrated approach to a problem, such as the fusion of music theory with developmental psychology, producing the field of music therapy.
  • It should use the perspectives, concepts and/or approaches typically used in one discipline to challenge a traditional way of thinking in another discipline, producing a new way of looking at a concept, belief, natural phenomena or social practice.

Successful essays will demonstrate a compelling thesis or point of view and will be grammatically sound with no misspellings. Successful essays will avoid jargon so as to be easily understood by all readers.

Selection Process

The essay will be read and evaluated by a three-judge panel selected by the Honors Tutorial College.  The Honors Tutorial College will announce the winner of the $1000 prize in late May. The prize will be awarded in early July.

Further Information

More information (such as essay formatting and the like) can be found here.

If you have any questions, contact the Assistant Dean of the Honors Tutorial College, Cary Frith at


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