The reddit Alien is Now 3D!

When Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of, arrives in Athens this month, he will be greeted by a familiar face: Snoo, the reddit alien.

Snoo will be on hand courtesy of Ohio University’s new 3D printer, located at the Innovation Center. The 3D printer was used to “print” a copy of the mascot. Programmed with design and dimensions found on a free online database, the machine printed Snoo in 19 hours.
But Snoo will be busy between now and Ohanian’s arrival.

The Center for Entrepreneurship is placing Snoo at various locations around campus and posting pictures of him on its blog ( and Twitter feed (@OU_CE). Students who recognize Snoo’s location can e-mail their answers to to win #OUreddit t-shirts.

The 3D printer was purchased in the summer of 2013 for $250,000, funded by a variety of university schools and agencies. To date, 30 projects have been completed over a span of hundreds of hours. The printer can be used for rapid and precise prototyping, creating pieces which cannot be accomplished with traditional prototyping methods. The printer has a maximum size of 13 inches square by 8 inches high and uses a curing process that takes thousands of layers of liquid plastic and turns it into a solid in milliseconds.

For more information about the 3D printer or to schedule a project, contact Joe Jollick, 3D lab director, at (740) 593-1818 or or read about it on the 3D’s lab website.

The Innovation Center and the Center for Entrepreneurship are co-sponsors of Ohanian’s visit to campus on Feb. 24. Ohanian is on a five-month tour of college campuses sharing his entrepreneurial wisdom through his book, Without Their Permission.

To register for the reddit event, click here. Limited seating available.


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