Fall 2013 Winner of the YouTube TV Commercial is…

From November 5th until December 5th students in Dr. Luke Pittaway’s MGT 3700 Introduction to Entrepreneurship class have developed, upload and promoted YouTube TV commercials for the venture ideas they have been working on during the Fall semester.  Seven teams competed for the honor of being announced the Outstanding TV Commercial of Fall 2013.  The videos were judged by a panel of experts according to how creative the video was, its humor and whether the message of the commercial was clear.  Teams were also assessed on the video’s traction, which considered the number of views and likes the video received.

And the winner was…

Power2Go presented by Robert Carter, Antonio Torres, Alex Cenci, Mariah Moss, and Jourdan Dunn

And the Runners-Up were the Hollywood Hair Chair presented by Nick Knott, Patrick Clark, Matt Bardeen, Jordan Smith, and Alex Conrath

To watch all of the students TV commercials, view the playlist below or visit our YouTube channel at: http://www.youtube.com/OUbobcatentrepreneur

Thank you to the judges: Michelle Ferrier, Associate Dean Scripps College of Communication, Greg Kaple, Founder GAK3 and John Bowditch, Director the Game Research and Immersive Design Lab.


One thought on “Fall 2013 Winner of the YouTube TV Commercial is…

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