Fall 2013 Winner of the Trade Show is…

IMG_3633On Thursday 5th December 2013 students from Dr. Luke Pittaway’s MGT3700 Introduction to Entrepreneurship class closed out their semester by hosting a trade show.  The trade show required the student teams to develop a trade stand for their venture idea, develop a way of selling their business idea and invite friends and colleagues to attend the event.  The event was held in Nelson Commons (Dining Room 1) and by all accounts was a great success.  Judges were invited to attend and assessed student teams according to the quality of their stand, their conversations about their ventures and their abIMG_3641ility to attract people to their trade stand.

And the winner was… Power2Go presented by Robert Carter, Antonio Torres, Alex Cenci, Mariah Moss, and Jourdan Dunn

The Runners-up were… OUEasyHousing.com presented by Michael Rossi, Spencer Drew, Paige Higgins, Bethany Logan and Austin Stahl

Thank you to our judges Dan Dahlen, Bethany George, Paul Benedict, Annabelle Giordano and Phyllis Bohning.








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