The Fall 2013 Winner of the Elevator Pitch Competition is…

On the afternoon of December 3rd, 2013, six teams of undergraduate entrepreneurs in MGT 3700 congregated in Copeland Hall from 4:30 to 5:45pm to present their ventures in an elevator pitch competition. Teams have spent much of the semester working on their businesses plans and their efforts were on display in their presentations to ‘prospective investors’.

First to present were Innovative Icons, who presented “The Source”, a tabletop platform for digital advertisements that also serves as a charging station for mobile devices. The team included Chris Kozak, Taylor Van Neste, Andrew Welsh, Parker Raffel, and Cody McIntyre.

G2GSecond on the ‘firing-line’ were Katie Spector, Sean Newhouse, Danielle Heffernan, Julia Moss, Philistar Bonyo. The team presented G2G, a grocery store delivery service for busy people to “get groceries on the go”.

OUEasyHousingNext up was a leasing and rental service, OUEasyHousing. The team of Michael Rossi, Spencer Drew, Paige Higgins, Bethany Logan, and Austin Stahl proposed an easy way to find off-campus options online. The “search is completely customizable. You can narrow by location, price, bedroom number, and more”.

Solar Panel DocksFourth to the floor was the team of Lindsey Heberling, Tyler Bottermuller, Dominic Cassan, Charles Buchanan, Keegan Flint, and Alex Harshaw. The team presented Solar Panel Docks to the judges. The concept was to provide “sustainable, reliable, and efficient energy for marinas and dock systems” to combat Mother Nature’s sometimes unpredictable inclement weather patterns.

EntOUrageThe fifth group presenting was EntOUrage, a service to help international students become acclimated to their new university surroundings. The team comprised of Brian Adams, Sarah Jamieson, Sarah Herbert, Xin Li, and Noah Howkins provided some wonderful insights into the struggles of international students, including getting a phone, opening an account at a bank, and getting around town.

Power 2 GoNext up in the Shark Tank was Power2Go, kinetic- and solar-powered charging adapters for mobile devices. The team of Robert Carter, Antonio Torres, Alex Cenci, Mariah Moss, and Jourdan Dunn introduced this product as a way for users to “power through their lifestyle”.

Hollywood Hair ChairThe last group to make their pitch was Hollywood Hair Chair. Nick Knott, Patrick Clark, Matt Bardeen, Jordan Smith, and Alex Conrath described their venture as designed to provide a quick, easy way for men to style their hair in a pinch.

AND the winner is Innovative Icons – congratulations!

The teams will continue to share their plans. Thursday, they will be presenting at a mock Trade Show in Nelson Commons.

Be sure to check out commercials the teams developed to promote their ventures! Watch them here.

JudgesThank you to our judges: Lynn Gellermann (Executive Director, Center for Entrepreneurship; Executive Director, TechGROWTH Ohio), John Glazer (Director of TechGROWTH Ohio), and Faith Knutsen (Associate Director, TechGROWTH Ohio).


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