OUE Hosts Bartering Competition

OUE_logoHaving changed presidents and completely rearranging the format of the Ohio University Entrepreneurship club, we were finally able to have our first competition this semester.

Calling it a bartering competition, the object was for teams of 2 or 3 people to receive an item (we used a pen) and try to trade it for an item of equal or greater value. We gave teams a week to make their trades.

In the end 3 teams were able to get some pretty cool items!

  • Team 1 traded their pen for an iPod Nano
  • Team 2 was able to upgrade to a batman costume, complete with abdominals, cape, and mask
  • Team 3 traded for a laptop case, along with some miscellaneous items inside the case

We considered the competition to be a success and the 3 teams were awarded $20 each.

OUE plans to hold more competitions like this in the near future, specifically with other clubs and organizations. We hope that we will continue the success of this first competition next semester.

OUE members Erin Belka and Zach Cohen contributed this recap.


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