Rural Action Has Some News For You

Have a business idea that will build the zero waste economy? Do you look at trash and see treasure? Want to start or grow your business? If so, Join us on December 5th in The Plains to network and learn about resources for building a zero waste economy in southeast Ohio.

During the gathering, a panel of experts will discuss strategies for business planning, securing capital, assessing demand, network building, and creative marketing. Following the panel, attendees will have time to share their ideas, discuss resources they need, and network with interested parties.

Event is free, but registration is required. Click here for more details.

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Chance at $10k to Fund Your Sustainability Innovation!

Campus Consciousness Challenge

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The environmental non-profit REVERB is launching a $10,000 undergraduate grant to help fund solutions to environmental challenges. They’ll select a winner from all the student proposals and fund their innovation with the $10,000 grant.

More information and the registration form can be found at

OUE Hosts Bartering Competition

OUE_logoHaving changed presidents and completely rearranging the format of the Ohio University Entrepreneurship club, we were finally able to have our first competition this semester.

Calling it a bartering competition, the object was for teams of 2 or 3 people to receive an item (we used a pen) and try to trade it for an item of equal or greater value. We gave teams a week to make their trades.

In the end 3 teams were able to get some pretty cool items!

  • Team 1 traded their pen for an iPod Nano
  • Team 2 was able to upgrade to a batman costume, complete with abdominals, cape, and mask
  • Team 3 traded for a laptop case, along with some miscellaneous items inside the case

We considered the competition to be a success and the 3 teams were awarded $20 each.

OUE plans to hold more competitions like this in the near future, specifically with other clubs and organizations. We hope that we will continue the success of this first competition next semester.

OUE members Erin Belka and Zach Cohen contributed this recap.

OUE Raises Money/Plays Dodgeball to Fight Testicular Cancer

OUE DodgeballOn Sunday, November 17th, 2013 six Ohio University Entrepreneurs members participated in the Protect Your Balls Dodgeball Tournament at Ping Recreation Center.

They won the first game and advanced to the next round. The second game was very close, however they were not able to advance.

Although they didn’t make it past the 2nd round, the group was proud to donate their time and money towards testicular cancer research.

OUE plans to be a part of more philanthropic events in the future.

Special thanks to the group Colleges Against Cancer for hosting the event!

Thanks to Erin Belka for contributing this recap.

reddit Co-Founder Visited for #OUreddit

Check out a social media recap of last night’s #OUreddit #WTPbook tour with Alexis Ohanian and Alan Schaaf: View the story “Alexis Ohanian comes to Ohio University”.

Snoo is hanging out at Jackie O’s, getting ready for tonight’s #OUreddit event!

Are YOU excited?!

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Snoo last visited where Alan Schaaf started imgur while here at Ohio (see below the break for pictures)!

Now, he’s here….

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To Win Do This…

The first person to send the correct answer to will receive a free #OUreddit t-shirt!

See the description in “We’re having a contest” below if you’re confused or want to know how this works.

Snoo has taken up residence in a pretty important place.
(HINT: it has something to do with Alexis’ guest on the 24th)
(HINT HINT: that guest is Alan Schaaf)
(HINT HINT HINT: Alan is the CEO of imgur)

Can you guess where Snoo is? (“Room 210” is not the answer we’re looking for…)

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Congratulations to Damion Lark, who correctly guessed that Snoo was on the new 3-D Printer in the Innovation Center!

Snoo Ohio University Day 1 Pic 3Here’s the first photo for the contest!

Snoo looks to be a fan of…a printer.

Well, where on Ohio University’s campus is he?!

The first person to send the correct answer to will receive a free OU reddit t-shirt!

See the description below if you’re confused or want to know how this works.

We’re having a contest!

Snoo, the reddit alien, has been traveling around campus, seeing the sights of chilly Ohio University.

We will be posting photos of Snoo here periodically and will announce each photo on our Twitter.

Not every photo we post will be part of the contest (we want to keep you on your toes!). We’ll send a message like, “WHERE IS SNOO? 1st guess wins a free t-shirt!”

You’ll have to send your guess to The first person to guess the building/room where Snoo is in the picture will receive a free event t-shirt.

Alexis has a new message for you!

After watching it, peep the Ohio University subreddit!

<!—And don’t forget to RSVP!


reddit Co-Founder Wants to Hang Out!

Reddit Tour

It’s Coming!

reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian has a very big announcement to share with all of you.

From Alexis,

“I’m about to embark on an epic 100 stop, 65 college, 150 stop, 77 college, 5 month long tour promoting internet entrepreneurship. Sure, it’s technically for my book, Without Their Permission, which is both a blueprint and a rallying cry for the open internet and entrepreneurship, but what I want to promote is how our generation has a tremendous opportunity to do amazing things online. We’re all still figuring out just what kind of an impact the internet will have on the world — let’s be the ones doing it.

This isn’t just my story, it’s the stories of your successful alums as well as current students, all learning from and contributing to the greatest platform for ideas the world has ever seen (the internet).

Let’s hang out IRL, high-5, and I’ll doodle you a reddit alien while you alternate between asking me anything and telling me about your favorite subreddit.”

About his epic tour stop at OU

  1. YOU decide the conversation topics: The week before Alexis visits Ohio, he’ll jump on our subreddit to see what you want him to discuss in his keynote the following week! He’ll talk about anything you upvote most—seriously—and take your questions on stage.
  2. He’s bringing Imgur founder and Ohio alumnus, Alan Schaaf, to join the chat!
  3. Networking opportunities after the chat: Finally, to keep with the this-ain’t-no-conventional-book-tour-mentality, he’s going to have a book signing/networking combo so you can put your new-found enthusiasm towards planning your foray into entrepreneurship instead of standing in a long line.


Without Their Permission – book teaser

Watch the video below for a teaser of Without Their Permission by Alexis Ohanian, reddit co-founder. WTP is “a book for aspiring entrepreneurs eager to embrace the future of the internet for fun, profit, and the good of humankind. The world isn’t flat, but the world wide web is. May this be your blueprint.”

Pre-order the book

Alexis will be visiting OU with Alan Schaaf, founder of imgur, on February 24th!




“Entrepreneurship is a dream come true…but can also be a nightmare…be ready for everything!” – Nick York, President at Kaser Enterprises

Join us on November 20th for a fun discussion as we explore entrepreneurship’s How, What It Takes, and Why!



– Where: Baker Center, Room 240
– When: Wednesday, November 20th, 11:30am-1:30pm.
– RSVP to

Venture Cafe

Enactus|OU receives grant for General Mills Harvest for Good project!

enactus general mills harvest for goodOur Enactus team has been selected to receive a $750 grant to complete a General Mills Harvest for Good project partnership!

What is their project idea?
To minimize the waste of fresh/seasonal vegetables by dehydrating, packaging, and storing them for future use.

How will this be accomplished?
Well, surplus produce from the local farmers will be procured/collected by the group, dehydrated and packaged in facilities that meet FDA standards, partly donated to families in need via local non-profits and partly sold in local grocery stores or farmers markets!

The money generated from the sale of the dehydrated vegetables would be invested into setting up a cooperative or a worker cooperative that would provide meaningful employment to the members of the families in need.

What are the goals?
1. Divert surplus produce into a more productive output in the form of dehydrated vegetables.
2. Reduce the negative impact on environment by reducing energy consumption for storing the vegetables, or canned and frozen foods.
3. Get the satisfaction of playing a part in corporate social responsibility.

Our idea reflects are good example of the triple bottom line concept of People, Planet and Profits.

How does the project exemplify this “People, Planet, and Profits” they’re speaking of?
People: Farmers will be satisfied by contributing to the community thereby building their social capital, and families in need can have variety and nutrition on their plates and find employment opportunities with the farm owners or in the dehydration facilities.

Profit: The scope for newer and smart use of produce [dehydrated vegetables] might encourage the farmers to expand their production. Farmers can expect to recover some cost for their surplus produce by selling/auctioning the surplus even at low costs.

Planet: Reduces waste, saves energy and uses less resources to package and store.

Who are their community partners?
1. Farm owners or vendors at the farmer’s market for procuring the vegetables.
2. Local non-profit organizations that are working [providing food etc.] to help families in need.
3. Local grocery stores who would help us sell the dehydrated produce.
4. Various student organizations would partner with Enactus OU to gain practical experience in community development work.

Enactus anticipates assisting 4 food banks and organizations by diverting an estimated 1,000 pounds of food waste!

Stay tuned for more updates from Enactus‘ exciting project!