OU Entrepreneurs welcome David Pidwell

David2On September 5th, 2013 OU Entrepreneurs (OUE) welcomes the Fall semester with a very special guest David Pidwell.  Mr. Pidwell is an Ohio University Alumni who graduated with a B.S degree in electrical engineering and an M.S.I.S.E degree in computer systems engineering from Ohio University.  He is also a member of the Board of Trustees and Board of Visitors for the Russ College of Engineering and he studied for his PhD in engineering economic systems at Stanford University. He later went on to become the President and Chief Executive Director of Rasna Corp. which is a software company which he started and he is now a venture partner with Alloy Ventures.

During his talk to the OU Entrepreneurs, Mr. Pidwell characterized an entrepreneur as a person who has wisdom and who is working from an idea to profitability and getting it to the point of sustainability. He also described an entrepreneur as a person with tenacity, who makes sacrifice, loves to think outside the box and who has a thick-skin; meaning rejection does not stop them.David

As an entrepreneur with decades of experience, Mr. Pidwell emphasized aiming for success and giving it all your effort. He states, “There’s nothing more powerful than getting to a point where the company grows, generating profits. When you hit those bumps of success it feels good: getting that prototype, signing your first million dollar check”. Mr. Pidwell has always been a very driven person, he left the OU Entrepreneurs with a lot of knowledge, wisdom and drive to  go for what they want and make it happen!

OU Entrepreneurs hold meetings every Thursday 7PM- 8PM at the Hatchery in the Computer Service Center Room 003.  The club is focused on students who want to learn about entrepreneurship and is open to students across campus.

For more information on OUE please Visit: www.bobcat-entrepreneur.com or Email: OUE President: Taylor Van Neste:  tmvanneste@gmail.com

Written by Philistar Bonyo


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